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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 42 Recap

Li Zhi received a letter from Wu Cairen via the pigeon “Boer”. Wu Cairen encouraged Li Zhi to be an emperor and promised to go all out to help him. Li Zhi had mixed feelings and felt that Wu Cai knew him best. But he only has Kudi Liuli in his heart, and Li Zhi is in a dilemma, not knowing how to face the feelings between Ai Pei Xingjian and Kudi Liuli.

Pei Xingjian was depressed all day long, playing flute on the palace wall at night to express his longing for Kudi Liuli. At the same time, Kudi Liuli couldn’t fall asleep too. She turned out the pair of clay figures and couldn’t help but think of the scenes of the past with Pei Xingjian. Soon afterwards, Li Zhi decreed to clear the grievances for An’s and sentenced Zhuo Jinniang and Lin Shangfu to a decision.

Ku Di Liuli brought Deng Qiniang to the cell to see them off. Zhuo Jinniang was struggling and she didn’t want to die. The dream of being the world’s first needle has not yet been realized. Zhuo Jinniang knelt on the ground and confessed her mistake to Kudi Liuli, begging her to ask Li Zhi to intercede, and promised to serve as a horse for Kudi Liuli. Kudi Liuli ignored her, but I want to avenge my tragic mother.

Zhuo Jinniang begged Deng Qiniang to save her life. Deng Qiniang condemned Zhuo Jinniang for doing too much evil, and she was powerless. Zhuo Jinniang cursed at her. The execution time had come, and the jailer took Zhuo Jinniang and Lin Shangfu to the execution ground. Ku Di Liuli took Deng Qiniang and left without looking back.

Li Zhi considered repeatedly, and finally he was willing to summon Pei Xingjian. Li Zhi wanted to reward him and Kudi Liuli for their merits, as long as it was not a marriage. Pei Xingjian was dumbfounded. Li Zhi explained that Kudi Liuli had taken the initiative to request to return to the Shangfu Bureau to continue working as a errand. Pei Xingjian was also willing to work for Li Zhi.

Li Zhi transferred Pei Xingjian away from the palace and appointed him as the Chang’an Order, and promised to transfer him to the staff department after a few years of training. Li Zhi excused that he was tired and let the royal servant send Pei Xingjian out of the palace. Asking Pei Xingjian for a token to return to the palace, Pei Xingjian knelt down to thank Li Zhi and left.

Looking at Pei Xingjian’s back, Li Zhi had mixed feelings in his heart. He couldn’t help but think of Wu Cairen Fei Ge Chuanshu’s entrustment to him, and persuaded him to temporarily put aside Kudi Liuli and Pei Xingjian. Li Zhi put Pei Xingjian away. The royal servant sent Pei Xingjian out of the palace. Pei Xingjian asked him to send a message to Kudi Liuli. The royal servant persuaded him to give up as soon as possible. Pei Xingjian suppressed the thoughts of Kudi Liuli in his heart and reluctantly left the palace. He didn’t know when they could meet.

In a blink of an eye, five years have passed, when Li Zhifu’s filial piety expired and he took Wu Cairen back to the palace and named Wu Zhaoyi. In the midsummer, Li Zhi brought Wu Zhaoyi and others to the Wannian Palace to escape the heat, and also specially brought Ku Di Liuli to relax. Li Zhi woke up early in the morning and found that Wu Zhaoyi had already gotten up, and learned from the maid that Wu Zhaoyi had gone to see “Boer”. Wu Zhaoyi was very distressed because it had been raining for several days, “Boer” could only be locked in a cage.

When Pei Xingjian heard that Ku Di Liuli was accompanying him to the Wannian Palace, he waited outside the palace in the rain every day, insisting to see Li Zhi, the servant of the king had to report to Wu Zhaoyi, and Wu Zhaoyi sent Yuliu to give “Baoer” to Pei Xingjian. Give him a chance to meet Kudi Liuli. Li Zhi cared very much about Kudi Liuli and asked the servant of the king to persuade her to go out and relax. Not only did Kudi Liuli not go out, she also offered to move to the dressing house on the top of the mountain.

Wu Cairen lied that “Bao’er” had disappeared. She reported to Li Zhi as soon as possible that Pei Xingjian sent “Bao’er” back in time. Wu Zhaoyi was overjoyed and reminded Pei Xingjian to be careful, even if she saw Kudi Liuli. Don’t act rashly. The rain was getting heavier, Wu Zhaoyi begged Li Zhi to let Pei Xingjian live in the Wannian Palace tonight, and when the rain got lighter tomorrow, Li Zhi reluctantly agreed.

The royal servant ordered to send Kudi Liuli the raw materials for the painting. Li Zhi sent someone to inform the royal servant to go back quickly. The servant inadvertently revealed the news that Pei Xingjian had come to see Li Zhi. Kudi Liuli’s face remained silent, but his heart was passionate. Pei Xingjian learned from his servant that Kudi Liuli lived in the dressing building on the top of the mountain, and seeing the looming lights in the building from a distance, Pei Xingjian had mixed feelings.

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