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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 41 Recap

The servant king reported Ku Di Liuli’s condition to Li Zhi and learned that the poison had invaded her heart and lungs. She had to continue taking poison pills to save her life temporarily. Li Zhi was anxious and could only hope Pei Xingjian. Pei Xingjian rushed to the cliff to gather medicine without sleep.

Sun Decheng and Xiao Shunzi came to see Kudi Liuli, but the king’s servant stopped him in every possible way. Sun Decheng insisted on seeing it before he was relieved. The Wang’s servant had to admit that Li Zhi had transferred Kudi Liuli to the harem for recuperation, and also revealed that Li Zhi was against Kudi. Di Liuli’s affectionate feelings. If she was not sick now, she would have been named a concubine. Sun Decheng and Xiao Shunzi were dumbfounded. Both of them knew that Pei Xingjian and Ku Di Liuli were in love, and they couldn’t help but give Pei Xingjian a little Put sweat.

Kudi Liuli kept calling Pei Xingjian’s name in a coma. The maid and the royal servant were shocked when they heard it. Li Zhi came to visit Kudi Liuli, and asked the royal servant about Kudi Liuli’s life experience, and learned of Kudi Liuli’s father, Kudi. Di Yanzhong has been at home for many years, and Li Zhi wants to find Ku Di Yanzhong an official and a half office, so he can justify Ku Di Liuli into the palace as a concubine. Ku Di Liuli was stunned by calling Pei Xingjian’s name.

Li Zhi was shocked. The royal servant fell to his knees in fright. He repeatedly explained that Pei Xingjian had visited Ku Di Liuli before going out to find medicine. Li Zhi saw Kudi Liuli. With a jade pendant hanging on his chest, he recognized it was carried by Pei Xingjian at a glance, and grabbed the jade pendant with one hand.

The servant king suddenly remembered that when Pei Xingjian was injured, he called his sweetheart “Yu’er”, and Li Zhi believed that Kudi Liuli was “Yu’er.” Pei Xingjian came to the precipitous mountain. There was heavy rain in the sky. Pei Xingjian was eager to save people. He was not afraid of hardships and risked his life to climb the cliff a little bit. Seeing that the cliff tripterygium was in front of him, Pei Xingjian tried his best to go up. Climbing, the big rock on the cliff in his hand suddenly loosened, and Pei Xingjian fell off the cliff.

Li Zhi came to see Li Shimin early in the morning and learned from the imperial physician that Li Shimin slept well yesterday and ate bird’s nest. Li Zhi came to Li Shimin and found that he had died. The death knell sounded in the palace, and news of Li Shimin’s death soon spread throughout the city of Chang’an. Soon after, Li Zhi ascended the throne and became emperor. Wucai asked Yuliu to pack things up, and they went to Ganye Temple to become a monk.

In a blink of an eye, a month passed, Pei Xingjian came back, full of wounds, and he sent Tripterygium wilfordii to Kudi Liuli the first time. He found that someone had gone to the building. Pei Xingjian hurried to find someone. He saw Wang’s servant from a distance. The king’s servant sent someone to give Tripterygium wilfordii to the old pharmacist. He was curious about Pei Xingjian’s experience this month.

Pei Xingjian briefly recounted the process of being rescued after falling off the cliff. He couldn’t wait to know the whereabouts of Kudi Liuli and learned of Li Zhi. He sent Kudi Liuli to the harem palace to recuperate. After she recovered from her injury, she would be named a concubine. Pei Xingjian was very sad, and it was not convenient to visit, so he accompanied the old pharmacist to prepare the antidote.

Kudi Liuli took the old pharmacist’s antidote, and his condition improved immediately. Li Zhi was very happy. Pei Xingjian begged to see Li Zhi, and Li Zhi asked Wang’s servant to send him away, and promised to find time to see him again. Pei Xingjian had to leave in angrily.

Kudi Liuli took the old pharmacist’s antidote for a few days. She finally woke up after a few months in a coma. Li Zhi hurried to visit when she heard the news. Unexpectedly, Sun Decheng and Xiao Shunzi were chatting with Kudi Liuli in the room. Li Zhi said a few words. He sent them away. He held Kudi Liuli’s hand tightly and thanked her again and again. Kudi Liuli desperately dodged and counted all the credits on Pei Xingjian, asking Li Zhi to reward him for his merits, Li Zhi He promised to help her mother clarify her grievances.

Ku Di Liuli knelt down and thanked Li Zhi for his great grace and insisted on going to Ganye Temple to accompany Wu Cairen to become a monk. Li Zhi once promised to take Wu Cairen back to the palace after he succeeded, and let her wait patiently for Wu Cairen. When she came back, Kudi Liuli wanted to return to the Shangfu Bureau as an errand. Li Zhi immediately understood Kudi Liuli’s true thoughts and agreed to let her return to the Shangfu Bureau.

It turned out that Ku Di Liuli had long learned from Sun Decheng that Li Zhi wanted to make her a concubine, so she was determined to stay away from Li Zhi. Li Zhi was so sad that he borrowed wine to pour his sorrows. Suddenly a pigeon flew in the room. Li Zhi recognized at a glance that it was the “Boer” he and Wu Cairen had rescued. He couldn’t help but think of the Wu who was a monk in Ganye Temple. Talented person.

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