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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 38 Recap

Huo Tu Xin realized that Linglong’s only hope He Lingshi was taken by Wu Yuan to save herself, just as he couldn’t see Linglong die, Wu Yuan could not watch Huo Tu Xin die. Weishengyan messed up Pingting, Orange Qian was infected by the market infant, Huotuxin’s bracelet had no light, and probably the silver makeup was also dead. Everyone guessed right at first, and the silver makeup was replaced by death. Lingshi.

After Li Sha woke up, she looked at herself like Li Sha in the mirror. She was no longer Li Sha, but to be precise the Li Sha carrying the memory of silver makeup. She saw Weisheng Yan holding silver makeup’s hand and asked Does she really want to marry him. Have. Li Sha stood in front of Weisheng Yan, with his hand resting on his forehead, the scenes of silver makeup flashed in his memory, Weisheng begged not to let him forget the silver makeup, and finally the appearance of the silver makeup in his memory became blank. , Weishengyan fell to the ground and couldn’t afford it.

Huo Tu Xin came to Weisheng Yanfu and saw the dead body of Yin Xiao Yinzhuang, and Lisha, which was not counted as Lisha beside him. Yinzhuang once said that the difference between her and Huo Tu Xin was worthless, but in the end she did one last thing for Huo Tu Xin before she died and helped him get the He Lingshi. This was the last time the yin and yang bracelets met. Huotu Xin Yuhuo incinerated the corpses of the two brothers and sisters, and ended a storm, bidding farewell to a tragedy.

Weishengyan’s love for Yinzhuang is crazy, crazy to horrible, this is different from Huo Tu Xin, she can’t be like this for a person, because he can’t live with Yinzhuang’s love, and also can’t bear it. Wuyuan. Naturally, she could tell these Wuyuans. She also knew that Huo Tu Xin was going to weave fire soon, and Linglong needed him, his dad, and the spirit stone. Wu Yuan forced him to leave, but everyone knew that this goodbye might mean never seeing him again. Wu Yuan knew better than anyone what Huo Tu Xin could do for Linglong.

Weaving fire, Yuanyi heard three ground fire alarms, which meant that the ground fire rushed out of the flame wall, which was the most dangerous situation. Sure enough, people from the Tongshan Group reported that the cracks in the mountain were getting bigger and bigger, the fire could not be controlled, and there were many casualties. Linglong was not seen at this time, and Yuanyi was even more worried.

The children of Xia Ling and Tan Miao are ready to take over from the predecessors. Linglong is of course duty-bound. The Chifang and Tongshan groups are ready to bravely die. The fire suddenly increased and Linglong stood in front of them. Only then did everyone realize that the power How powerful. Linglong appeared like hope, protected by divine power, and everyone decided to let her take the stone pill to fill the gap.

Linglong has become everyone’s hope, but Yuan Yi is extremely anxious. Who knows that divine power will become the power to take Linglong away. These people are not aware of it, but he can’t just watch Linglong die. When Linglong really stood in the flames, the heat everywhere was enough to melt her, and the divine power surrounded her. This small divine power was insignificant compared to the entire sea of ​​fire, and the fire was still growing.

Linglong once thought that she would In a desperate predicament, I even remembered how Huo Tu Xin had taught her the strategy of surviving from fire, but I didn’t expect that even myself would be turned into scorched earth at this moment. There is hope in despair, Huo Tu Xin stood in front of her, Linglong finally let go of her guard and fell into Huo Tu Xin’s arms.

In Pingting, the people knew that Weisheng Yan had released all the infants in the market in order to save the silver makeup, which caused the residents of Pingting to lose their lives. When Pingjiang fell, everyone had no reason to reason, and they all gathered at the Weisheng Mansion for an explanation. Wu Yuan came forward and faced some unreasonable and arrogant people. Not the weak could stand on the moral high ground and criticize others.

Orange Qian was bitten by the infant market. She didn’t know what would happen to her, but at least she wouldn’t be like this. People clamor unreasonably. There was a small orange at the beginning, and many people also voluntarily admitted that they were infected by the market infant, and Wuyuan ordered everyone to protect the people around them in time.

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