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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 19 Recap

Ning Yi figured out a way and arranged it when Bowenhan arrived. He held the bowl of noodles and sat there with confidence. Seeing them arrived, Ning Yi picked up the torch beside him. Bowenhan thought his gunpowder was fake. , Ordered his men to capture Ning Yi. Ning Yi lit a gunpowder wire and killed the few people who rushed up. The rest of Bowenhan was taken aback and stopped immediately. Ning Yi could have frightened them with this explosion, who At the next moment, the torch in his hand accidentally lit another.

Of course, Ning Yi knew that he was bluffing. This root was not connected to the gunpowder at all. Seeing that Bowen and others had not reacted yet, he immediately pretended to walk back calmly. The gunpowder line did not explode after burning, and Bowenhan knew that he had been tricked, and immediately ran after him. Liu Watermelon, who was watching the play on the eaves, was very interested in Ning Yi and helped Ning Yi escape Bowenhan’s hunt. Then Ning Yi ran into a dead end but was still blocked by Bowenhan.

Bao Wenhan smashed the jug next to Ning Yi, intending to set him on fire. General Yuan appeared to rescue him in time. They hid in an old house. Ning Yi wanted to remind General Yuan that Liu Dabiao was actually a girl, who General Zhiyuan didn’t believe it at all. Ning Yi had to rush to the pier with General Yuan first. He was about to leave, but when he heard General Yuan’s vow of unyielding death, Ning Yi was a little moved. He ran to the pier and sent Su Tan’er and the others on the ship. After sneaking around, he took out his crossbow and aimed at Bowen Han.

General Yuan and others have suffered heavy losses and are about to be captured. Bao Wenhan was taken aback by the appearance of Ning Yi. They did not put Ning Yi in their eyes. In order not to drag Ning Yi back, General Yuan took the initiative to kill himself. Yixin ignited the gunpowder beside them, and the soldiers’ bodies and Bowenhan and others were blown up together. At the same time, Taishi He came to the emperor with carefully prepared pastries.

The emperor was happy in the gentle village. The emperor was so scared when he saw him waiting outside for a long time. Taishi He was here to talk about state affairs with the emperor. He played the emotional card. The emperor told He Taishi about his hesitation and Qin Youxiang’s thoughts. He Taishi seemed to be thinking about him, but in fact Push the problem back to him.

In the gunpowder depot in the suburbs of Lin’an, thieves have already occupied this place, and Fang Tianlei brought his capable hands, Xiong Qiong and Shao Xianying, to this place.

He saw someone with a gas torch at the military plane, and he was so angry that he would kill people directly. After all, once there was an open flame in this place, it was likely to blow up. With these gunpowder, the holy priest asked the weapon master to make a thousand fire guns in seven days, otherwise he would kill them all. The master of the weapon master did not want to be soft, but there are few people like him who saw someone killed. , Immediately helped him agree.

During the Wu Dynasty, Qin Youxiang changed his mind and decided to go south to attack the bandits. Ning Yi was affected by the power of gunpowder and passed out. When he woke up, he was cleaned up very well. In one room, he clearly remembered that he was almost killed by Bowenhan. At this moment, the security chief Chen Fan suddenly appeared and gave him a piece of clothing. Ning Yi followed him out of the room. They were in the original Wude camp, but now it is dilapidated and thieves are everywhere. .

Ning Yi was brought to Liu Dabiao. Liu Dabiao wanted him to be the military of his own stockade. Ning Yi refused but couldn’t force it. After all, his firecrackers were still in their hands. Liu Dabiao ordered his men to take Ning Yi to the stockade for transit. turn. News of the Lin’an Incident soon reached Jiangning. Yuan Jiner hurriedly returned to Zhuji and told Nie Yunzhu that they were both panicked and worried about the comfort of Ning Yi and Su Taner and others. Nie Yunzhu immediately returned to the Su Mansion and called before leaving. On the second room father and son.

The elders in the Su Mansion were shocked when they heard the news. For fear of Tan’er’s accident, the elder fainted in a hurry. Everyone was worried about Ning Yi and Su Tan’er. Only the second room was secretly happy and had a plan. Su Zhongkan preached in front of the old lady. Maybe the two were still on their honeymoon trip. He also showed his determination. If they really couldn’t find them, their second room would go to Lin’an to take risks and rescue them. The old lady and others saw them. Such determination is very gratifying.

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