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Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心 Episode 12 Recap

On the way back to the city, Yan Qing never stopped thinking about how to dissolve the marriage contract with Yourou. After all, if the marriage contract is not dissolved one day, he will not be able to pursue Linglong in an upright manner, let alone let Linglong misunderstand that he is a prostitute. Yan Qing took the initiative to ask for retiring. If people knew that Linglong was the result, her days in Xijue would be even more difficult. After thinking about it, Yan Qing decided to let You Rou take the initiative to quit her marriage.

On this day, Yourou took the initiative to meet Linglong. Everyone mistakenly thought she was here again to make trouble, but when she saw Linglong, she suddenly knelt and apologized. When Yourou learns that Linglong has rescued the saint man and saint regardless of her own safety, she knows that Linglong has the courage and plan, not a slanderous villain.

Yourou even took the initiative to suggest that if Linglong and Yan Qing truly love each other, she can let her father take the initiative to withdraw from the marriage contract with Yan Qing and make them perfect. Surprisingly, Linglong draws a clear line from Yan Qing and congratulates her. Yourou left happily, but Yan Qing was so sad that she hid on the beams of the room overhearing.

Yan Qing deliberately asked Yan Yu to tell You Rou about Linglong’s heroic deeds, in order to make You Rou take the initiative to retire, and the plan failed right now, and he was like a cock that was defeated. Yan Yu learned that Yan Qing’s mind was almost at odds with his brothers. Fortunately, Missa used Linglong’s physical discomfort as an excuse to prevent the three from arguing.

Since Linglong’s return, her body has been weak, and her body has not been able to make up for it. Mesas has been thinking about it, and she can only have a chance to adjust it from within. Strengthening the body to practice martial arts, this is the suggestion given by Misa, and Yurou, who has been practicing martial arts since childhood, is the best candidate.

Yourou has worked hard to customize many martial arts methods, but in Langyin’s eyes, these are all fist and embroidered legs. Her appearance also lets Yourou know that Linglong has two consciousnesses in her body. In order to keep the secret from being exposed, the two women could only agree to Yan Qing as an instructor, so that they could keep the secret, and secondly, they could shock Langyin.

Yourou distressed Linglong for high-intensity training, and took the initiative to accompany her. At the end of the day, both of them were exhausted and aching. Yan Yu couldn’t bear it. He wanted to stop training like this, but was stopped by Mass. It seemed that Yan Qing was strict but not unreasonable.

Linglong suddenly discovered that Yan Qing was listening to the corner on Liang again, and when she went out to stop Yan Qing who wanted to leave, she took the initiative to lean on his shoulder, which was obviously a hidden wolf. Hidden Wolf is Linglong’s most intimate and understanding person. She is very clear that Yan Qing is special in Linglong’s heart, which also makes Yan Qing’s heart happy.

Day by day training, although Yan Qing was cruel on the surface, he was naturally concerned about Linglong, but he didn’t want to show it, so he could only let Xuanyu send it after finishing the ointment. Linglong and Yourou wondered how to tease Yanqing, while admiring how useful Xuanyu’s medicine was.

On the second day, Yourou and Linglong loosened the training stakes, but Yanqing remained unaffected during the demonstration. After that, the two of them installed hidden weapons in the stakes, and they couldn’t hurt Yanqing a bit, but Linglong and Yourou suffered a lot because of this. In the end, Linglong pretended to have heatstroke, which caused Yan Qing to care about it, and successfully hung him in the air.

As soon as Linglong and Yourou left with their front feet, Yan Qing was rescued by Xuanyu. He also had a reason to give the second daughter a chance to rest. Taking advantage of Yanqing’s absence, Linglong came to visit Little Wolf. Under its leadership, Linglong discovered that it was Yanqing who had been developing plasters for her.

After Yan Qing came back, looking at the chuckle of Tong’er and the others, they learned that Linglong had gone to the backyard cabin for half an hour, and hurried to explain. But Yan Qing’s guilty conscience made Linglong even more sure that the plaster on the table was Yan Qing’s mind.

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