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Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心 Episode 11 Recap

Yan Qing fought with Mia, and Ling and the villagers joined the villagers under the leadership of Little Wolf, and were chased by the envoy and others. Brother Tong brought the wolf guard to the rescue, but the people in black put down the broken dragon stone, leaving them nowhere to enter the village.

Linglong originally called Wolf Yin to help gain the upper hand, but as time dragged on, Lang Yin became weaker and weaker. Desperate, Linglong mobilized the mysterious power in her body, only to see a white light suddenly appeared all over her, destroying the Broken Dragon Stone, and this allowed the wolf guard to come and save people.

And Mia managed to escape under the cover of the two men in black. After Yan Qing got rid of the entanglement, Linglong was already unconscious. Misa hadn’t given a conclusion yet, Yanyu was already distraught. He had seen Linglong use a little mysterious power, which would cause her veins to be severed. This time, it was even worse.

Brother Hitomi took Wolf Guard to dig out many corpses from the cave, all of them were children who were considered saints and saints in previous years. According to Hitomi’s inspection, it was discovered that the spirit grass soaked in the water tank by the gods was dug out from the body of the wolf warrior. Every wolf tribe will have a spiritual grass growing in the birthmark, and this is true, the wolf tribe’s physique will be stronger than ordinary people.

After contacting the cause and effect, Yan Qing has reason to believe that Mia is using ordinary people to breed spirit grass. Once successful, he will kill people and use spirit grass to refine spirit pills. Ordinary people naturally can’t bear the power of spirit grass. Although they will have strong power for a short time, they will never escape death, but Mia obviously does not care about the lives of others.

Whether Linglong is safe and sound depends on whether she can wake up after tonight. Taking advantage of no one else in the room, Yan Qing clicked on Xiao Chan’s acupuncture point and sat on the bedside to guard Linglong. Since the mountain god incident, the little wolf has also followed Linglong. Yanqing and Linglong talked about all kinds of things, hoping that she would wake up, feeling worried.

Fortunately, Linglong woke up early the next morning, but Yan Qing did not dare to say anything and left quietly. Yan Qing’s affair had entered Linglong’s eyes overnight, but Linglong couldn’t believe it. Yan Qing was the sad and gentle person who worried about her last night.

Linglong recovered and gave away the golden sore remedy she had previously agreed to. Yan Qing also promised to accompany her to Nanchu within a month. It just so happened that Mr. Yan wrote a letter, asking Yan Qing to make clear the ins and outs of Mia’s case, and everyone decided to return to the city.

Before returning to the city, Misa also actively asked to be with everyone. It turned out that Mia and the Master of Missa went out of the same school, and the two had a good relationship. Unfortunately, afterwards, Mia strayed into the evil way. Because of his feelings for the past, Mia was relieved and let Mia make a living.

Now that Mia is doing evil outside, Misa also regrets that his benevolence at the beginning has led to the death of several people, so he will take the initiative to ask everyone to arrest Mia and clear the door. During this time, Yan Qing and Linglong still quarreled with each other, but their relationship was getting warmer, and Yan Yu’s heart gradually became disgusted.

Returning to the city through a forest, Yan Qing did not want to walk with Linglong, deliberately a step back, but secretly let Brother Tong’er and others go with him for protection. Brother Tong found out that the villagers of Serang Village were secretly lying in ambush in the woods. Just to be on the safe side, he appeared in front of Yanyu and others.

Later, when the two parties met, the misunderstanding was resolved. The village of Serang was actually here to see off. It was just that he was ignorant before, so that he did not dare to show up. After this episode, Brother Tong continued to take the Wolf Guard to protect him in the dark to prevent Mia from ambushing on the way. Linglong’s heart rejoiced in Yan Qing’s care and concern, but such a smile hurt Yan Yu’s heart.

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