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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 40 Recap

Pei Xingjian had already taken all Li Ming’s soldiers down. Li Ming wanted to make a final resistance, but now she was completely dumbfounded. Yang Fei was vomiting blood on the spot because of her anger. She repeatedly pleaded for Li Ming and took the initiative to bear all the guilt, claiming that it was all hers.

As the first planner, Fei Yang knew that she was seriously ill for a short time. She was worried that Li Zhi would be embarrassed by Li Ming after he succeeded. She had no other choice but to make a move. Fei Yang asked Li Shimin to open up to Li Ming. Li Shimin was already angry. Orders that Concubine Yang and Li Ming be confined separately, and Li Zhi is sent to investigate the matter thoroughly, and no one is allowed to spread the royal scandal.

When all the dust settled, Kudi Liuli breathed a sigh of relief. Due to exhaustion, Li Zhi fainted to the ground. Li Zhi picked up her and left without saying a word. At the same time, he sent two educated doctors to diagnose and treat Kudi Liuli. Powerless, Li Zhi forced them to explain the truth. The imperial physician revealed that Ku Di Liuli was a daughter, so he did not dare to take the medicine rashly. Li Zhi was stunned.

When Pei Xingjian handled Li Ming’s army, he returned to Li Zhi. He admitted that Kudi Liuli was a daughter. He only asked the court doctors to treat Kudi Liuli first, and he explained the hidden situation to Li Zhi in detail. Li Zhi learned that Ku Di Liuli was a girl, not only did not blame her, but also cleared her mother’s grievances. Li Zhi sent Pei Xingjian and Wang’s servant to do one thing separately.

Li Zhi stayed with Kudi Liuli every step of the way, taking care of her in every possible way, and gradually felt compassion for her. Li Zhi learned from the imperial physician that Kudi Liuli had to endure not taking the poison, resulting in physical exhaustion. The imperial physicians could only temporarily control the condition with decoction, but could not completely cure it. Pei Xingjian asked the King of Medicine for help. The King of Medicine needed Tripterygium wilfordii to make the antidote. Pei Xingjian took the initiative to ask Ying to gather the medicine.

Pubaru suddenly died suddenly because of the drug withdrawal time. When Li Zhi and Pei Xingjian learned of this, they couldn’t help worrying about Kudi Liuli. The King of Medicine also sweated for Kudi Liuli. Pei Xingjian again asked to pick the medicine. Li Zhi pinned all hopes on him. The servant of the king saw that Li Zhi was affectionate for Kudi Liuli and couldn’t help being happy for Li Zhi. From then on, he could justly favor Kudi Liuli. Li Zhi couldn’t help but think of the first time he saw Kudi Liuli, and felt mixed.

Pei Xingjian was going to go up the mountain to collect medicine. Before leaving, he came to say goodbye to Ku Di Liuli who was unconscious. Just as Pei Xingjian wanted to leave, Ku Di Liuli suddenly woke up. She held Pei Xingjian’s hand tightly, and Pei Xingjian repeatedly apologized to her. Kudi Liuli thinks this is the best ending.

Li Zhi and Pei Xingjian are all well, and Datang is also well. Pei Xingjian vowed to find Tripterygium wilfordii to treat her illness at all costs. Kudi Liuli thanked Pei Xingjian for her. After doing everything, Pei Xingjian gave her personal jade pendant to Kudi Liuli and asked her to wait patiently. He also returned Kudi Liuli’s purse to her. In the end, Pei Xingjian couldn’t help kissing Kudi Liuli, and the two reluctantly said goodbye.

In the name of the prince, Li Zhi drastically rectified the Shangfu Bureau, rehabilitated the unjust case 11 years ago, and removed the suspicion for An’s. He locked Zhuo Jinniang and Lin Shangfu on the spot and let Deng Qiniang temporarily take charge of Shangfu. In the game, Zhuo Jinniang was stunned. She always thought that An’s daughter was dead, but she did not expect it to be Kudi Liuli.

An Shiro and A Ni learned that the prince was retrialing An’s unjust case, and Kudi Liuli was recovering in the palace. They were both surprised and happy. Concubine Yang died because of a serious illness and treatment was ineffective. Li Shimin begged Li Zhi to give Li Ming another chance. Li Zhi promised to keep Li Ming alive. He only hoped that he would return when he was lost. Li Shimin thanked him for his kindheartedness, and finally he was relieved to hand over the world. Give Li Zhi.

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