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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 39 Recap

Kudi Liuli was convinced of Pubalu’s words. She often heard the sound of dongdong in the dungeon these past two days, and suspected that it was the expert who made drugs.

Li Ming led a heavy army to the Xuanwu Gate, shouting from the city downstairs that Li Zhi came out and grabbed his hands. He kept claiming that Li Zhi had supported the Xuanwu Gate and wanted to usurp the throne. Unexpectedly, Changsun Wuji and Chu Suiliang appeared on the tower. In the secret report, they learned that Li Ming was going to support Xuanwumen this afternoon, and they came here to wait.

Pei Xingjian and Li Zhi led people to the Xuanwu Gate one after another, to arrest Li Ming and return to Li Shimin. Li Ming couldn’t help being taken aback. He insisted that Li Zhi wanted to rebel, claiming that Li Shimin had discovered Li Zhi’s true face and wanted to pass on the throne to him. Li Zhi didn’t believe it, and argued with Li Ming. Li Ming and Li Zhi argued. It is difficult for Changsun Wuji and Chu Suiliang to tell the truth from the false, and they want to take them back together for Li Shimin to judge.

Dan Qing received the letter from the Flying Pigeon and learned that Li Ming had already led his troops to the Xuanwu Gate and asked Concubine Yang to do it as soon as possible. Concubine Yang ordered Pan Neipi to feed Li Shimin with poison, and Pan Neipi was shocked. The maid hurried to report that Changsun Wuji and Chu Suiliang rushed back to the palace with Li Ming and Li Zhi. Concubine Yang was dumbfounded, and she fed Li Shimin the poison pill. Pubaru took Kudi Liuli, Sun Decheng and Xiao Shunzi looking around in the dungeon, and finally found an old imprisoned man. Pubaru couldn’t wait to ask the old man for an antidote. The old man claimed that he was imprisoned by Li Ming to make poison. There has never been an antidote.

Li Zhi and Li Ming rushed back to the palace. Concubine Yang read out the fake photo and charged Li Zhi with treason and wanted to depose his crown prince and let Li Ming succeed him. Li Zhi didn’t believe it. She insisted on meeting Li Shimin in person. Concubine Yang threatened with imperial decree and ordered that Li Zhi be arrested and announced that Li Shimin had died. Concubine Yang pointed out that Li Zhi had bought the high housekeeper to poison Li Shimin, and Li Shimin had already seen Li Zhi clearly. His true face was the only time he dragged his seriously ill body to revise the edict.

Changsun Wuji raised questions in public, and Yang Fei asked Pan Neiji to stand up and testify against Li Zhi. Pan Neiji was trembling with fright and wanted to follow Li Shimin with all her heart. Changsun Wuji didn’t believe in Yang Fei’s words and insisted on finding out the truth. Pubaru was bitterly pressed against the old man, and he was powerless. Kudi Liuli was moved by reason and sentimental to the old man. He also used the words of his mother to persuade him.

When the old man learned that Kudi Liuli’s mother was Anshi, he was excited The old man was in tears. He used to be the King of Medicine in the palace. He had a deep friendship with An’s. Both of them were tired of life in the palace. After An’s left, the King of Medicine wanted to leave, but was locked up by Li Ming. Narcotics. When Sun Decheng learned that the old man was the King of Medicine, he was speechless. The King of Medicine revealed that Li Ming would use the poison he developed to kill Li Shimin today. He secretly replaced the poison with requiem.

Kudi Liuli did not dare to delay, and immediately called Sun Decheng and Xiao Shunzi to report to Li Zhi. Kudi Liuli publicly exposed the whole process of Li Ming and Concubine Yang poisoning Li Shimin and framing Li Zhi. Concubine Yang became angry and ordered Kudi Liuli to be taken away After he drove out, Li Zhi stood up to support Kudi Liuli and brought in the civil and military officials and Kudi Liuli to meet Li Shimin.

Ku Di Liuli took Li Shimin’s pulse and found that he still had a pulse. After the requiem medicine passed, Li Shimin finally woke up, Yang Fei and Li Ming were stunned. Changsun Wuji reported to Li Shimin about Concubine Yang’s false imperial decree and framed Li Zhi. Li Shimin took the photo and read it from beginning to end. She was trembling with anger. Concubine Yang made various sophistry. She framed Li Zhi for rebellion and mistakenly thought that Li Shimin was already.

After passing away, I just preached the imperial edict and wanted to teach Li Zhi, Li Shimin had seen through her sinister intentions long ago and sneered at her. Concubine Yang was struggling to death. She testified that Li Zhi was wearing a five-clawed dragon cannon and wanted to usurp the throne a long time ago. Li Zhi took off the outer cloak, and inside was a four-clawed python robe, Yang Fei and Li Ming were speechless.

It turned out that Pei Xingjian found that Ku Di Liuli had left the word “fraud” on the piece of paper. Li Zhi and Pei Xingjian found that there was one more dragon claw in the python robe, and they immediately guessed Yang Fei’s sinister intentions, so Li Zhi changed it. I wear a four-claw python robe. Knowing that the situation is over, Li Ming sneaked out and fired arrows to ambush the soldiers outside. He was caught by Pei Xingjian. When Li Shimin learned that Li Ming had signaled the soldiers to rebel, he gritted his teeth with anger.

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