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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 36 Recap

On Yinxiao’s flying fish boat, the maid was really afraid of Yinxiao and handed him a letter left by Yinzhuang. Yinxiao immediately realized that Yinzhuang was not there and ordered the ship to turn around immediately. The high priest felt that the ship was turning around. How could his purpose of this trip be to let Yinxiao land safely and fly the homing pigeons to various places. It roughly means to tell the world that Tianqimen is determined to die with Yinxiao to protect Suchuan and protect the righteousness. Keep.

The high priest held the lantern and came to the place where the Xu Ying was imprisoned, and Yin Xiao also appeared there. Their different positions were destined to be difficult to reach an agreement. The high priest burned the cage and it was empty inside. He was fooled by the tiny inkstone. Unexpectedly, there were organs under the cage, which caused the entire ship to be ignited by the explosion, and Weisheng Yan didn’t intend to let it go.

Yinzhuang in Pingting felt heart-wrenching pain for a moment, as if he saw his brother standing in the sea of ​​fire, still upright and calm. He was telling her that he believed her. The Weisheng Yan in front of him was a gluttonous face, and silver makeup could only belong to him after all, and even Yin Xiao could not rob him. Li Sha’s guide stone shattered, and she panicked instantly. What she came out to see was the white cloth body carried back by the soldiers, the starlight sword was still there, and Yin Xiao was dead.

When the corpse was placed straight in front of Yinzhuang’s eyes, she could no longer control herself, whistling and whistling past everyone’s ears, and the wind was blowing all around. His brother died, because of her willfulness, the thing she should hate most is Weisheng Inkstone. She summoned the stars and walked towards the Weishengyan step by step, almost glaring at the Weishengyan, this kind of eyes were extremely eager, and she wished that Yinzhuang’s eyes were all about herself, even if it was all hatred, she looked so focused. Looking at yourself makes people fascinated, and dying in such a gaze is also considered happy.

Yinzhuang’s reason told her that Weisheng Yan could not die at such a cheap price. Huo Tu Xin’s life and Yin Xiao’s fate were far from being offset by Weisheng Yan’s death. She wants to have a wedding, and to marry Weisheng Yan, he wants her brother to watch her get married. Li Sha held the stars and sat next to Yinxiao. The illusion turned everything around white. She remembered that Yinxiao stayed with her in the white illusion last time, sitting on a swing, she was very good at using all kinds of spar, You can definitely save Yin Xiao, Li Sha comforted herself in such a panic.

Yuanyi noticed that there was light in Linglong’s room, opened the door and found that Linglong had lost consciousness, and the mark on her forehead had a golden light. When she pulled Mengzhan to look again, she opened the door and saw Linglong was changing her clothes. Linglong was getting angry. awkward. Mengzhan analyzed the matter and determined that Linglong had begun to lose consciousness indirectly, and the Divine Lord took another step. Yuanyi wanted to sacrifice himself to exchange for the spirit stone, but the king and the divine master were the only ones on the way forward, so that he would not be afraid of any wind, rain and thorns.

Yuanyi and Linglong chatted and sat on the stone steps of the small building. Yuanyi saw Linglong for the first time, not at the door of Zhihuo, but looking at the girl shooting a slingshot on the bridgehead. The girl didn’t know if she would walk out of Zhihuo. Huo, but always looking out from the bridgehead, after that the girl met Yuanyi and saw the outside world. The unbreakable will of the wind and waves made her go now, and she never regretted stepping out of Zhihuoshan Gate.

The next day Mengzhan prepared to leave Zhihuo without saying goodbye, and was caught by Linglong. Before, Mengzhan was not afraid of the micro-life inkstone and suspended it. Everything that Nianguangge did was for the god, not for the micro-life inkstone, besides. Someone came to take the life of Weisheng Yan, and it was not the turn of Nianguang Pavilion to start. Now I’m concerned about Yuanyi. If he can’t find a way to save Linglong in one day, he won’t stop his determination to temper the spirit stone. Yuanyi even wants Linglong to forget him after stripping the god, because he doesn’t want Linglong to bring the right His guilt survives.

Yinzhuang stood on the high side of the boat, and Weisheng Yan was not far away admiring his own work of art. He knew that Yinzhuang would not jump off. Li Sha sensed that Mengzhan was calling her, closed his eyes and entered the illusion. Mengzhan wanted to find her, and then made her forget Yin Xiao’s death, even Yin Xiao. Because even if Li Sha sacrificed herself to become a weapon, it was just an empty shell carrying Yin Xiao’s consciousness, and that was not a person.

Regardless of Li Sha, as long as Yin Xiao can live, she can replace the body’s phantom spirit stone with Yijing, even if the process is painful. She asked Wei Sheng Yan to come to Yi Jing, but Wei Sheng Yan told her that there was her past in Yi Jing.

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