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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 35 Recap

In the lower deck of the ship, Huo Tuxin and Wu Yuan are still playing cats and mice. No one has ever seen marriages made by girls. Weisheng Yan is interesting. As long as Wu Yuan and Huo Tuxin get married, he will naturally be able to rest assured. Wu Yuan grabbed Huo Tu Xin’s head and slammed down to the ground, worshipping heaven and earth.

The silver makeup on the top looked at the chasing and fighting below, and finally came down to make peace. I have to say that Weishengyan’s method is really disgusting. Weishengyan felt that not only did he not kill Huotu Xin, but instead helped Wuyuan succeed in chasing after him. Huo Tu Xin, for a man, sleeping with Wu Yuan can get the spirit stone to save his daughter. This deal is very cost-effective.

Weisheng Yan was almost crazy, he was wondering if He Lingshi gave Yinzhuang, she would still marry him. Yinzhuang may still think that getting married is nothing more than a transaction brought by the spirit stone. Wu Yuan also came because of the spirit stone. These people were pinched by the micro-life inkstone, and they had their own reasons willingly, and Huo Tu Xin punched it up. , This person is really disgusting, Weisheng Yan was hurt, but he kindly told Huo Tu Xin not to let Wu Yuan down, but he fainted again with a punch.

Wu Yuan held Huo Tu Xin’s hand, Wei Sheng Yan and Yin Zhuang also put on bright red dresses. He finally worshipped the world with Yin Zhuang as he wished. Wu Yuan was with Huo Tu Xin, and he was holding silver makeup. Arms. It’s just a pity, this is just a dream that Baili made for him, everyone outside the dream is awake, thanks to Huo Tu Xin’s punch just now.

When he woke up to find that reality and dreams were closely connected, he thought that he was really married to Yinzhuang in the bridal chamber, and when he got the Lingshi, he would have to say something else. Yinzhuang realized that both of them were acting just now, and she left the next plan to act, but this was just lying to Weisheng Yan.

On the second day, Wu Yuan and Huo Tu Xin were still thinking about how to make Wei Sheng Yan feel suspicious. In fact, there is no need to worry at all. As long as Yinzhuang plays well, everything will be fine. Wei Sheng Yan woke up from a dream one night, but Yin Zhuang actively called Baili out. Wei Sheng Yan understood what was going on. He even ate the same thing twice in a row. I don’t know if he should be infatuated or stupid. . Wu Yuan and Huo Tu Xin didn’t understand why Yinzhuang told Weisheng Yan the truth, and what good was it for her.

Weisheng Yan once pushed Huo Tu Xin on the flying fish boat for the first time. At that time, it would be great if Huo Tu Xin died. Yinzhuang would not like Huo Tu Xin, Wu Yuan No, everyone is living a happy life. Yinzhuang realized that there was something wrong with Weisheng Yan, she had already made a promise that she would marry Weisheng Yan, so what he was doing again. Wei Sheng Yan wants to die by Huo Tu Xin, so he will jump off the flying fish boat now. If he dies, Linglong will rescue him. Weisheng Yan made a deal with all three of them with the He Lingshi. Huo Tu Xin’s deal was Linglong’s life. He didn’t hesitate and jumped down.

Yin Zhuang exhausted all his thoughts and couldn’t stop the falling Hutu Xin. The only thing that was useful was to stop for a while when he was about to land, which slowed the impact, but this height was also enough to hold one. People fell and died. Huo Tu Xin landed, Wu Yuan pushed the crowd away and rushed up. Huo Tu Xin’s nose was bloody, and Wu Yuan was distressed. When Yin Zhuang and Wei Sheng Yan arrived, the last thing Wu Yuan wanted to see was Yin Zhuang. If she didn’t follow the plan, how could Huo Tu Xin jump off the ship.

Weishengyan just sighed slightly at these that Huo Tu Xin was not dead yet, and Yinzhuang was about to marry him. How could this make him feel relieved.

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