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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 6 Recap

When you are attracted to a person, you will naturally come to him. Long Jie went down the mountain with Xia Zhi, who was sprained and inconvenient to walk. Although Xia Zhi was embarrassed, he felt an inexplicable sense of stability.

Mei Ji helped the mother of the righteous boy sell vegetables, and also helped his cousin Yiling to sell bags, which was loved by the righteous man’s family. On the way back, the righteous boy once again solemnly rejected Mi Ji, which made Mei Ji very hurt. Long Jie decided to ask Little Bird to agree with the local DaMu marketing company. In the field survey between Xiao Chen and Xia Zhi, he learned that Long Jie spared no effort to take care of the local small farmers and elementary school education. He had a lot of changes to Long Jie. .

Xiao Tsua accidentally discovered that Yu’s father and son had a secret, and asked Yu’s boss why he had concealed Long Jie. When Long Jie heard that he was furious on the spot, the father and son broke up. Xiao and Xia Zhi were embarrassed and guilty… Jenny, with a strong family background, hoped that the righteous man would help. Shanhai Group’s loan business was used as a compound gift, which made the righteous man emotional…

Father Xia invited him to the store to celebrate Xia Zhi’s return. Seeing Xia Zhi still immersed in his memories, the righteous man gave a text message and sent a love necklace. Jiang Wushu didn’t take Xia Zhi into his heart at all! Xia Zhi left with grief and indignation at the deceit of Yi Nan and Wu Shu, and met Long Jie, who had returned the phone. The two talked about their concerns, resolved their love and family issues, and gradually warmed their feelings…

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