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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 5 Recap

If the mountain does not come, he walked towards the mountain. Everyone was stupefied, Meiji sold out the unsalable tableware through the power of the Internet, and Xiao Tatsu began to take off the colored glasses for Meiji. After Little Bird got through the difficult times, Xiaoxiao decided to go to Fuliangtian Green Sky Resort to fight for the proposal of the renovation plan.

This is the best opportunity to start Little Bird’s concept of a better life. Yi Nan promoted the Renhe Nursing Home renovation loan plan for the elderly. Minister Ding was criticized by Minister Ding for wasting time because the amount was too small…

But Xiao Tsuta and Xia Zhi, who went to Fuliangtian to negotiate, were taken by the boss of Lutian Resort. The son, Yu Longyue, preconceived that the two came here just to make a fortune. When Xia Zhi and Long Jie were surveying in the mountains, they disagree on the way to love nature, and they broke up. Xia Zhi, who was left in anger, lost his way in the memories of climbing with Wu Shu.

At night everyone discovered that Xia Zhi had not returned, and Long Jie quickly picked up all the equipment and went into the mountain. The righteous man rushed home to visit his injured father, Mi Ji insisted to follow him, and introduced her soon to be his girlfriend at the righteous man’s home… Ryong Jie found Xia who had lost her temperature and muttered to Wu Shu’s name. Zhi, the two spent one night in the cabin. The other righteous man who had insomnia in his hometown, his ex-girlfriend Jenny suddenly called…

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