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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 4 Recap

An indispensable triangle philosophy. The righteous man discovered that there was something wrong with Sun’s financing case. He wanted to investigate further, but was threatened by Minister Ding’s promotion. His colleagues also advised the righteous man to refrain from meddling. The question is, I guessed from the conversation that the righteous man liked Xia Zhi.

This inspired Mei Ji not to give up and decided to join Little Bird. However, Mei Ji’s various requirements made Xiao Tiao disapproving. Little Bird helped the first customer Red Wing Restaurant Group to make a reorganization plan, but Red Wing went bankrupt without warning. All the tableware purchased by the funds were unsold in the office. A fierce dispute broke out between Xiaoqi and Meiji, and Xia Zhi was caught in the middle. Not people, the three broke up unhappy. Xiao Tiao and Xia Zhi looked for various relationships to sell tableware…

Finally, Xia Zhi, Xiao Tiao, and Mei Ji talked about it, and they realized that the straw that overwhelmed each other in the company was not a ruin, but a dispute between the three! The three people who re-negotiated started a sales competition. The person who sold the most tableware has the right to speak and take the lead! The righteous man bought the ring and wanted to confess to Xia Zhi. Before she could say it, Xia Zhi accidentally learned from Hao Qingqing that the righteous man liked herself…

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