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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 3 Recap

The perfect turn is without your enemy behind you. Xiao Tiao made a heartfelt remark, leaving her job beautifully in front of everyone. Xiao Tiao reminded Xia Zhi to look back when he left. If there is no enemy of his own in the company, he would be a perfect step down. Xia Zhi was deeply moved and went to Ken. Thank him for his humiliation over the years, which allowed her to grow up.

When a colleague held a farewell party for Xia Zhi, Xia Zhi felt the friendliness of his colleagues and realized that he had ignored the people and things around him, and the atmosphere was joyful and warm. Little Bird was formally established. It not only sells high-end tableware, but also sells the value of a better life. Xiaoqi hopes that Xia Zhi will also become a shareholder.

The poor Xia Zhi will squeeze out her own savings and put all the money collected with her father into the venture fund. Parents quarrel… Xiaotiao hopes to find a third person to join the team, which is the perfect triangle balance principle. Xia Zhi did not hesitate to recommend Meiji. Meiji has the mellow personality that the two of them lack the most. People who eat beautifully have no liking. Xia Zhi likened the three of them to be like pearl milk tea. The trinity of black tea, milk and pearls becomes a unique drink with rich layers…

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