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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 2 Recap

Xia Zhi compromised supervisor Ken’s changes to the design drawings everywhere. Ken wanted to take the credit for his own sake, and harassed Xia Zhi by drinking but was beaten up. So Ken set up a bureau to open the skylight on Xia Zhi’s project.

Although colleagues helped to contact, but still couldn’t find any available work shifts, Lin Meiji easily solved the problem. In order to repay Meiji, Xia Zhi invited the righteous man to the party. During the party, Meiji boldly confessed to the righteous man… Xiao Tiao found Xia Zhi, who was supervising the work at the venue, and invited Xia Zhi to resign to join her entrepreneurial team. Because she believed that Xia Zhi had the character of a loyal minister who would never leave after being abused, Xia Zhi was astonished, and she had never thought of starting a company. ,

But she wants to make herself better for her boyfriend Wu Shu… The righteous man worried that Xia Zhi was deceived. He asked about Xiao Tiao’s background and learned that Xiao Tiao is the only daughter of a well-known tableware company. Starting a business may be just a ticket, but Xia Zhi is betting. In life, Xia Zhi was angry and went to confront Xiaoxiao! Surprisingly, I learned about Xiaotau’s entrepreneurial philosophy and the surprising goal he wanted to defeat…

Yoshio was appreciated by the supervisor and took over the land financing case of the senior who was transferred. Yoshio vaguely felt that the transaction was not simple, so he persevered in Sun to find finance. Chang asked for information, but always closed his doors. He had to use Mi Ji’s goodwill to inquire about Sun’s financial situation. Yi Nan didn’t know that a financial storm was coming…

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