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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 1 Recap

Xia Zhi is a designer of the SUN Group. The “Xia Qinggao” whose interpersonal relationship is the worst among colleagues. In addition to drawing endless design drawings, he always receives the most difficult owners. Gongye Xiaoqi is the special assistant of Sun’s general manager. He is able to handle matters in an orderly manner.

The cold work style makes the staff retreat to her. Lin Meiji is the flower of SUN’s counter. The male colleague sees her as a Jieyuhua, while the female colleague regards her as an adversary. She fell in love with the financial upstart Zheng Yinan who came to the meeting and declared that it was destined. Zheng Yinan is actually Xia Zhi’s younger brother and the newborn of Jinchuang Bank. Faced with all kinds of doubts from customers, he can always resolve in conversation and laughter, which is deeply appreciated by supervisors.

One day, Xia Zhi was transferred to the counter because of offending a customer. She was made difficult by the design department manager. When she was in a crisis, she was cleverly resolved by Meiji. Only then did Xia Zhi discover a different side of Meiji…SUN’s cleaning lady Feng Jie was expelled for some reason. Xia Zhi was angrily fighting the injustice, won the appreciation of the special help Xiaoxiao, and arranged for Xia Zhi to be responsible for the design of the 30th anniversary conference, but he was transferred to the supervisor who looked for trouble everywhere! Xia Zhi’s training in the workplace has officially begun…

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