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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 18 Recap

Ning Yi and his brothers are discussing their grand plan. Because they are in a remote location, they did not hear the fighting in the city. A few people drank and had fun. Ning Yi also announced that Geng Huyuan would become the helm of Lin An Zhuji. Geng Nursing Academy was very moved, and Ning Yi thought about him so much. The masters of the bandits were extremely skilled and directly broke through Lin’an Yamen. They had never let the common people go. They were extremely cruel. This night, Taishi He also had trouble sleeping. Unlike Lin’an’s horror, he was actually excited. It’s hard to fall asleep.

The next day Ning Yi woke up and went out, stumbled to find many people lying on the road. He was drunk and thought these were all drunk people. He wanted to bring some breakfast for his family, but he actually saw blood. He woke up and saw the dead and tattered people in the city. Ning Yi dodged and returned to the small courtyard, but there were still thieves who sneaked in. There were many thieves outside, and they could only hide in the dark to solve the few thieves who had slipped in.

After solving these people, Lou Shuwan knocked on the door. She knew that the thief was arresting the merchants and came to bring them food. Ning Yi learned about the outside situation from her, and now they have no chance of leaving the city. . At this moment, the sound of thieves came from outside the door. Just as they were preparing to fight, they heard the sound of gunpowder outside. When they opened the door, it was General Yuan who had a fate, and General Yuan gave them a new way out. , Several people were grateful, and hurriedly packed up and prepared to leave.

Among the thieves, Liu Huahua is the most unaccustomed to robbing people’s girls. Seeing someone doing this, he will cut them off without saying anything. The people are afraid of her people and even more afraid of her swords, even if Bao Wenhan leads them. No matter how much they like it, they dare not fight against Liu Watermelon. The thieves burned, killed and looted, all was Bao Wenhan’s idea, Liu Watermelon directly came to greet Bao Wenhan, Liu Watermelon was the righteous daughter of Sheng Gong, although Bao Wenhan did not dare to touch her, but he did the order of Sheng Gong.

Ning Yi was about to give Su Tan’er the dagger sent by Qin Youxiang to protect himself. General Yuan saw this scene. He recognized the dagger at a glance, and immediately recognized Ning Yi as the commander. It turned out that this dagger symbolized this. Before Ning Yi could react to his high status, there was the sound of fireworks outside. General Yuan knew that this was a signal from the thief, and the secret path was not good. At this time, the thief knew that Chen Damu had died and had already heard the news.

General Yuan still had some gunpowder in his hands. He planned to use his own life to hold the thief and let others leave first. Ning Yi saw his determination and decided to stay and fight the thief and order Su Tan’er to take Su Tan’er quickly. go away. The war in Lin’an quickly spread to the central government. The ministers were arguing. One wanted to go north to attack Yasukuni, and the other was worried that emptiness in the country would prevail, but the emperor remained unmoved in the house. He was very embarrassed and refused to face the ministers .

Qin Youxiang seemed confident. He took the initiative to offer advice to the emperor, but the emperor refused to adopt his method and deliberately delayed time. Master He knew everything about the emperor’s movement, and he ordered him to go down and buy a piece of honey. Sugar bean cake, don’t worry about other things at all. In Lin’an City, Ning Yi was preparing for the battle. He picked up a bowl of noodles and sat waiting for the arrival of the thieves. Su Taner and the others fled to the dock. At that time, they encountered the thieves on the road. After the killing, a group of people shivered and hid in the corner. Seeing that Su Tan’er was about to be discovered, the four brothers of the Male Virtues Academy stepped out to attract firepower.

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