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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 17 Recap

Qin Siyuan was willing to accept the crime, and the emperor was very moved. It turned out that Qin Siyuan had thought of such a situation a long time ago, so he took the initiative to admit his mistake, and perhaps the emperor would let him go. Fortunately, the emperor was not a black and white person. For the sake of this, Qin Siyuan’s death penalty was exempted. At the same time, Ning Yizheng and Su Tan’er were walking around on Lin’an Street. They saw a place where people painted portraits, and they simply stepped forward to paint for their loved ones.

Ning Yi’s style of painting is relatively modern. Su Tan’er insisted that he did not paint as well as his own, so the two went to see how Xiaochan and Genghuyuan painted. I don’t know, they were shocked when they saw it. The painting turned out to be someone they knew, Su Tan’er couldn’t remember, and Ning Yi also had some impression. At this moment, they heard that Qian Xiwen was in Shishan, and he would come out every Chinese New Year. The two bought some food and came back to find Su Tan’er. Su Tan’er had an old friendship, and after a few conversations, they separated from Ning Yi.

In the end, Ning Yi did not feel relieved to follow up. Knowing that Su Tan’er had also bought things, Ning Yi followed up even more disturbedly. He actually entered a Lou’s cloth shop. Lou Shuheng’s family provided years to the court all year round. Cloth is amazing. Ning Yi sees that the layout of Lou’s cloth shop is very similar to his own, and he even suspects that Su Tan’er and Lou Shuheng have a leg. Ning Yi quickly walked into the cloth shop and grabbed the shopkeeper and asked where Su Tan’er was going. Ning Yi hurriedly showed his accent, and the shopkeeper pointed out that Su Tan’er and Lou Shuheng had entered the fitting room.

Ning Yi rushed upstairs and saw Su Tan’er changing out of the dressing room and walking out of the fitting room. This was a big misunderstanding. Ning Yi took out firecrackers and forced the people inside to come out. Unexpectedly, someone walked out of it. The beautiful woman, Ning Yi immediately covered her eyes, but the fire gun in her hand accidentally went off, hurting the guest.

After dealing with this oolong, Ning Yi knew that Su Tan’er’s real old friend was Lou Shuwan. Knowing that he was in trouble, Ning Yi quickly pleased Su Tan’er and apologized to Lou Shuwan. To Ning Yi’s surprise, the changes in Lou’s clothing were all thought of by Lou Shuwan himself, and Ning Yi immediately became suspicious.

After getting into the carriage, Ning Yi began to test Lou Shuwan, but Lou Shuwan didn’t even react at all. Su Tan’er saw Ning Yi who behaved strangely, feeling embarrassed, and slapped him directly with anger. Ning Yi finally Stopped, dare not make noise anymore. After arriving at the Lou Mansion, Lou Shuwan brought Su Tan’er to the loom, recalling the fond memories of her childhood. From that time on, she longed to be Lou Shuwan like a person.

Ning Yi guessed outside that the person Geng Huyuan liked was actually Yang’s mother from Jiangning Xinmen Art Museum. Ning Yi pretended to tell Xiao Chan, and Geng Huyuan hurried to stop him, just when the three of them were fighting. The handsome man strode towards Lou Shuwan’s room, and Ning Yi looked over vigilantly. Lou Shuheng walked towards Su Tan’er as soon as he entered the door. He was very rude to Lou Shuwan. Not only did he want to drive her away, but he also wanted to pull Su Tan’er to drink.

Ning Yi saw that the lady was in trouble and hurried into the room to stop Lou Shuheng. Lou Shuheng looked down on Ning Yi’s son-in-law. Ning Yi relentlessly took out a firecracker and fired a shot at his hair. Ning Yi succeeded. Lou Shuheng was shocked. Lou Shuwan pleaded for her brother, Ning Yi let him go and pulled Su Tan’er away. They didn’t know that after they left, Lou Shuheng would use his sister to vent her anger, if she didn’t help herself make an appointment to Su Tan alone Then, he stopped letting her go clothing.

Ning Yi and Su Tan’er went to Lin’an to enjoy the food in the restaurant. Someone actually served preserved eggs. Ning Yi guessed who it was, and shouted at the restaurant. As expected, the four brothers rushed down. Ning Yi brought everyone to a small courtyard. He bought this elegant courtyard for Su Tan’er. In the evening, Ning Yi invited a friend to drink a drink. This time Su Tan did not stop him. Ning Yi had already known that the four brotherhoods would come to Lin’an, and he had been prepared long ago to do business in Lin’an.

But just tonight, the bandits actually broke into Lin’an City. There were many officers and soldiers but they were not their opponents, and the people were besieged.

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