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Love Unexpected 不可思議的愛情 Episode 19 Recap

Only then did the promise realize that all these are actions behind the imaginable, so that all the misunderstandings and weird things have reasonable explanations. Xu promised to ask Lin Wen about the incredible place through Zhou Yanxin’s mouth, and then arrived at the KTV room where Kesiyi and You Weiwei were, and Yun Zhu also rushed there. Originally he was leaving the country soon, so Yun Zhu wanted to find Xiaoxiao and talk about it.

Then I saw photos of Zhixiao and Kesiwei having fun together in the circle of friends. Yun Zhu and Xu Xu walked into the room and were stopped by everyone to join them. After drinking for three rounds, the bad drink was like a child. They started fighting with Yun Zhu, and promised that they had to be forced to take them away in order to calm the scene. , And Yun Zhu looked at Liang Zhixiao who was embarrassed in front of him, bowed his head aggrievedly, and simply said that he was about to go abroad for training, and then hurriedly left.

Ke Si Wei woke up and found himself lying on the same bed with Xu Nuo. The inspection found that his clothes were intact. Ke Si hurried away from the scene. However, Zhou Yanxin happened to come to Xu Nuo’s house and found that the two were walking out of the room together. Ke Si hurried away. He promised to try his best to stay calm on the surface, but Zhou Yanxin took out a video. The promise in the video was imaginative, and completely lost the temperament of the usual boss. This can scare the promise enough, and ordered Zhou Yanxin to quickly find the source and delete the video. .

Zhou Yanxin really couldn’t believe that the usual calm and calm promise became a fool in love. The promise drove Zhou Yanxin away from anger, but when he recalled how he had lost control recently, he couldn’t help thinking about the promise. On the other side, Kesiwei followed You Weiwei to the styling shop together to transform herself. While Kesiwei was doing her hairstyle, Lin Wen deliberately called Xu Xu and told Xu Xu all the love wishes recorded in Kesiyi’s diary, etc.

After ending the call, Xu Nuo specifically called Zhou Yanxin and explained that according to the current situation of the development of things, there is not much time left between the two of Promise and Ke Si Wei, and I want to come to Ke Si Wei in the last time. Unforgettable dating memories. Kesi, dressed up by professionals, turned out to be glorious. With the cheer of Lin Wen and You Weiwei, Kesi returned to the office. It really won everyone’s attention and attracted countless surprises. As soon as Xu walked out of the office, he saw the incredible after “transformation”, couldn’t help but send out an invitation to date, and left with the incredible hand under everyone’s attention.

According to the list of imaginable, promised to bring imaginative to the favorite ice and snow world, the two of them wandered around the rides and had a great time. On the one hand, he promised to hold the incredible hand tightly, and on the other side secretly referred to the assist text message sent by Lin Wen, time and again personally completed the things in the list and the longing for love.

Wu Dongde learned about the promise and the incredible love situation, but he couldn’t take care of it. Wu Dongde had completed all the acquisitions of the shares promised to sell. After hearing that Zhou Yanxin was raising money, Wu Dongde couldn’t help showing a conspiracy face. Now Wu Dongde is ready to concentrate. , Continue to buy scattered stocks, wait until the time is right, and then promise a fatal blow.

Zhou Yanxin and his colleagues checked out the details of Weird. From the Weird social account, Zhou Yanxin found a photo of Kesiyi and Yunzhu. Only then did he learn about the relationship between Li Da, Kesiyi and Yunzhu. Relationship, and based on Kesiwei’s recent phone call, it was discovered that Kesiwei had a close relationship with Wu Dongde. In addition, the registration form for Kesiyi to participate in the fighting variety show was also found. Zhou Yanxin inferred from this incident that Kesiyi is likely to be a masked woman with a hot topic.

Zhou Yanxin questioned Lin Wen with all the information he found, and found that his deeds were revealed. Lin Wen was angry at Zhou Yanxin’s private investigation and asked what action Zhou Yanxin would take next. However, Zhou Yanxin was heartbroken by Lin Wen’s concealment of himself, like Acting like a big lie. Lin Wen knew he was wrong, but he had to get involved in it for the sake of the mad tiger, and now he can only apologize to Zhou Yanxin.

But at this time Zhou Yanxin had already rejected it with all his heart, Lin Wen was helpless, but he still asked Zhou Yanxin not to tell Xu, so as not to have an impact on Kesi. Zhou Yanxin was full of incredulous expression, but when Lin Wen pleaded for conceivable, Zhou Yanxin fell into silence. Knowing that in next week’s finals, in any case, it is conceivable to take off that mask, and then the truth will come to light. But Zhou Yanxin still turned his back cruelly without looking at Lin Wen. Seeing that Zhou Yanxin did not reply, Lin Wen stopped talking, turned and got off the car, disappearing into Zhou Yanxin’s sight.

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