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Love Unexpected 不可思議的愛情 Episode 18 Recap

The words of the promise suddenly struck into the heart of the incredible, forbearing the panic in his heart, and pretending to easily pick up the camera to the promise, laughing to prevent repentance of the promise, who knows that facing the camera, the promise has a sincere expression Said, even if it is conceivable to leave himself, the promise will do his best to realize his wish…

The next day, Xu promised a sudden request to hold a confidential meeting. There were all big businessmen sitting in it. It was conceivable that he secretly photographed the secretary’s seat table and went downstairs to meet Wu Dongde. The documents obtained by Kesiwei are all project documents and are of no use at all. Wu Dongde asked about the content of today’s important meeting, Kesi said about the situation today. Wu Dongde guessed that it was a promise to pull funds, and asked Kesi to get the meeting list, and learned that Wu Dongde Preparing to buy back the shares promised to sell, it is conceivable to plan secretly in mind.

The next day, when promised to see that Kesiwei’s state was wrong, he decided to let Kesiwei rest at home, but Kesiwei felt that the promise had not let go of the things of the previous few days, and he was confused. But the promise still wants to protect the incredible and to keep it away from the complexities of the business world.

On the other hand, he promised that he wanted to find Zhou Yanxin and let Kesiwei resign. He was not afraid of Kesiwei hurting herself, and even more afraid of being used by others. Zhou Yanxin had heard the promise with good intentions, but could not speak. Unexpectedly, the promise to become a “Mother” who is willing to sacrifice herself without hurting the incredible, really makes Zhou Yanxin look different.

Lin Wen thought it was time to tell Wu Dongde’s plan to Promise, but I wondered what method should be found to convey the news to eliminate the anger after Promise. At this time, Lin Wen suddenly had a plan and proposed to let Liang Zhixiao use the public account. I came to publish an article that seemed to attack the promise, but contained Wu Dongde’s secret to remind the promise. After hearing this, Ke Si Wei fell into deep thought and began to plan this plan.

Liang Zhixiao received an incredible call. The two met in a cafe. Zhixiao had guessed that Kesiwei had been hiding himself. Now Kesiwei had to tell the truth to Zhixiao, and Zhixiao agreed to help Kesiwei complete this This task, but asked Kesi to no longer mix up the grievances between Wu Dongde and Promise, otherwise Zhixiao would inform Promise of everything that happened. On the other hand, Zhou Yanxin helped Kesiwei make a contract for the end of the internship as promised, and gave Kesiwei a huge bonus. Everything was in place, but at this moment, the two of them couldn’t find a magical figure, and promised to rest assured. , Ready to go out in person to find the incredible.

When promised to return home, she found Kesi holding her flowers and crying silently. He promised not to ask much, but went out quietly and relaxed. On the other side, Liang Zhixiao wrote the article and published it. Zhou Yanxin saw the content of the article for the first time and quickly called the promise report. However, at this time, the promise and Kesiwei sat next to the wishing pool, remembering what Kesiwei had said to him. , Promised to develop the habit of observing the people around him, the world’s joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys made his troubles no longer magnified. The two talked about their wishes, promised to think about it for a while and said, hoping that we could leave them.

Zhou Yanxin was promised to refuse several calls, and had to notify the technical department to quickly delete Liang Zhixiao’s article. On the other hand, the words of the promise were incredibly uncomfortable. The promise was ready for even the incredible future. After listening to all the arrangements of the promise, I could not speak, but silently held the promise, hoping that the promise would allow me to find a new job before leaving. Although he agreed to the promise, but asked Kesi to leave his home, this time I was so angry that Kesi would not let it go, but the promise still left without hesitation without looking back.

The next day, Zhou Yanxin and Xu Xu found Liang Zhixiao and promised to ask about the article. Zhixiao retorted that he was only because of his status as a business reporter. But the promise was righteous and rejected Zhixiao’s help, and he left without revealing any hidden information.

Zhixiao told all of today’s things to incredible, and the two guessed that the promise was probably already undertaking Wu Dongde, and things were not as simple as they thought…

When he got home, Ke Si Shi tore up the contract he promised to face to face, saying that he would not accept dismissal for breach of the promise. In short, Ke Si Shi wanted to insist on protecting the promise.

He promised to concentrate on watering the incredible flowers, but Zhou Yanxin thought about Liang Zhixiao’s intention to write the article on the sidelines, and promised to recall what Ke Siwei had said, seemingly to firmly protect the flowers in his hands, but actually meant by his side. The promise, thinking about it this way, the promise seems to find everything to follow…

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