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Love Unexpected 不可思議的愛情 Episode 17 Recap

It’s incredible that I suddenly thought of what Yun Zhu had said. In the finals, he would never show mercy, and was afraid that he would be hurt in the finals. In order to sever such a situation, Kesi decided to seek a cure, Doctor Qin, to find a way. The next day, Xu and Kesi came to the clinic. Kesi accidentally found Wu Dongde’s subordinate Zhang Sen at the door and pointed the camera at the two of them.

They learned that the promise to see the doctor was registered under Lawyer Zhou’s name, and Kesi was afraid of the promise. My privacy would be leaked, and I was worried that my affairs with Wu Dongde would be exposed, so I could only go to the convenience store and drink milk wildly. Because I was allergic to milk, this was a bitter promise. The severe abdominal pain made promise scream loudly. I regretted it in my heart, but at this time there was no alternative.

The hospital examination was over, but Dr. Qin had no spare time. This meeting was already on the plane to go on a business trip. The imaginative plan was successful. He was supposed to give up on this matter. Who knows that he promised to worry about conceivable, and he insisted on taking conceivable to make a whole set. The medical examination was originally rejected in every possible way, but when I thought that I could stolen the promised medical examination form to Wu Dongde to prevent Wu Dongde’s subordinates from photographing the two people in and out of Dr. Qin’s clinic suspicion, I could hardly endure the pain and go to draw blood.

Liang Zhixiao, who arranged work in the underground parking lot, accidentally saw Kesi stepping into a strange car. Suspicious Xiao caught up with Kesi and asked what happened just now, but Kesi hesitated. What to say, I can only make a random excuse, originally wondering something, but Zhixiao saw through the incredible lie at a glance, and looked at the incredible figure running away in a hurry, Zhixiao didn’t know what to say, just lonely. Stand in place.

The new interns secretly fell in love with the promise, so they asked Kesibi to hand over the love letter. While no one was there, Kesi quickly slipped into the promise office, but it was not for the transfer of the love letter, but because Wu Dongde asked Kesi to find out whether the promise was pledged, Wu Dongde Wanting to take this last opportunity to defeat Promise, under the circumstances that Kesiyi turned over and over, finally found the share pledge documents prepared by Xu and Zhou Yanxin.

After Kesiyi took photos and kept the certificate, Xu promised to return to the office. Kesi looked at the promise with a guilty face, and with a sharp promise, she found that Kesi stood beside the file cabinet. Unexpectedly, at this moment, Kesi hesitantly took out the love letter, saying that it was the intern who gave the love letter. The promise was disappointed, and he tore off the love letter. But at this time Zhou Yanxin walked in and found that the atmosphere between the two was not right.

The shrewd Zhou Yanxin’s expression became serious at once, and he was about to be held accountable. But at this time, he stood in front of Kesi and explained that it was because of it. Because the love letter is jealous, but sympathy is overflowing, I originally wanted to hide the love letter in the file, but I accidentally ran into it. Although this excuse sounded rough, Zhou Yanxin reluctantly accepted the promised persuasion because of the conceivable sloppy. But the stranger who went out was extremely guilty and felt guilty because of the promise of complete trust.

Kesi called Wu Dongde, but Wu Dongde said that he had already discovered the promise to sell shares at a low price. Now he asked Kesi to find out the reason, and Wu Dongde was ready to defeat the promise. After receiving the task again, it was thought to be tangled, and had to come to the wishing pool to pray for the promised future. Suddenly, when a phone call came, Lin Wenyue was surprised, mentioning that Zhou Yanxin had conveyed his suspicion to him, and even hinted that Lin Wen would stop thinking about it.

Knowing everything, Lin Wen couldn’t help persuading Kesimei to leave the promise, but Kesi was worried that Wu Dongde would be vicious on the promise. He could not watch Promise hurt. For the promised future, Kesi wanted to go back to the bone and set out Wu Dongde’s strategy. Tell the promise again. Persuaded, however, Lin Wen was still worried that this simple and imaginative might be hurt by the cold promise.

On the other side, promised to sit alone on the bench next to the wishing pool, recalling the joyful past with him, and promised to discover that the joy and happiness that the incredible brought to him was so much that it was too much for him. Reluctant to give up. In the evening, Kesi secretly came to the promised desk, took out the documents on the promised table and filmed it. When he was hit by the promise, he looked at the folders arranged on the table and promised not to say a word. Holding Kesiwei, gently leave a kiss on the forehead, frankly saying that he is willing to do everything to help Kesiwei realize all his wishes…

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