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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 9 Recap

To make Homesick look more like a human, Cheng Feng took her to shop for clothes. Cheng Feng took homesick to see Chen Hao. Chen Hao stole Cheng Feng’s camera film and used Cheng Feng’s photography to participate in the Hamdan International Photography Awards. Qu Sijia decided to help Cheng Feng get back the negatives stolen by Chen Hao. Because Chen Hao lived in the hotel’s top suite for a long time, Cheng Feng couldn’t enter Chen Hao’s room. Cheng Feng wanted Sijia to disguise as a core machine cleaner to enter, but Sijia did not want to use this method to get it back.

Homesick pretended to meet Chen Hao by chance and used the “beauty trick”. He wanted to punish this dude, but Chen Hao saw through him and was locked up by Chen Hao.

When Qiao You inspected Anyi, he found that Anyi’s emotional experience mode was turned on last week. It was suspected that Qiao Yuan and Qiao Mingyu opened it.

Chen Hao thought that by locking Sijia, she would be able to control her, but Sijia broke the lock, gave Chen Hao a lesson, and helped Cheng Feng get his things back. Unexpectedly, Chen Hao led people to chase them out, and the two had to flee. Unexpectedly, they panic and ran into a dead end. At the very moment, Cheng Feng was injured to save Qu Sijia.

After Qiao You went home, he asked An Yi who turned on the emotional experience mode. Qiao Mingyu just wanted to speak. It happened that Qiao Yuan saw this scene. In order not to damage Qiao Mingyu’s image in Qiao You’s mind, Qiao Yuan said that An Yi’s emotional experience mode was opened by him.

Yang Xiaolan and Lin Xiaoyi discovered that Lin Shiguang had always appeared at the scene of a crime scene with a robot with abnormal behavior, so Lin Xiaoyi decided to go to Cheng Shiguang to find out. Cheng Shiguang found a piece of code that he had never seen before, thinking that it was the so-called key to life of a conscious program. So I went to find a core machine person to do the experiment, but the core machine person did not appear conscious, Cheng Shiguang was very angry and smashed the experimental core machine person.

Lin Xiaoyi said that Cheng Shiguang was at the scene when the two conscious core robot cases occurred, but Cheng Shiguang denied that he had been to the scene of the two cases. Lin Xiaoyi wanted to search the laboratory for the conscious core robot on the construction site. Because Cheng Shiguang had already transferred Ye Kun in advance, Lin Xiaoyi did not find relevant information. Lin Xiaoyi’s wife divorced Lin Xiaoyi because she fell in love with a core machine.

When Sijia was giving Cheng Feng medicine, he wanted to kiss Cheng Feng, but Cheng Feng avoided the two who had good feelings for each other. Qu Sijia couldn’t help but yearn for the photos he took and recalled that he was special. The growth experience is a bit helpless and sad. The two hearts got closer, and when they were about to kiss, they were interrupted by Li Yao’s phone call. Li Yao told Sijia to hide himself to ensure his safety.

Xiao Ma and Li Yao saw a piece of code from Qiao Youfa on the forum, and found that it belonged to Jiang Li, so they contacted her. Qiao You and Li Yao made an appointment to meet at the coffee tree restaurant at nine o’clock the next day.

Wen Haokang, Cheng Shiguang’s assistant, found the code and message on the forum, and did not tell Cheng Shiguang, but went to the Coffee Tree Restaurant to look for clues. Cheng Shiguang brought Ye Kun to his home, ready to have a good chat with Ye Kun.

Wen Haokang went to the coffee tree restaurant to arrest Li Yao, but found that Li Yao was not there. Li Yao felt that the exchange in the public forum would definitely attract the attention of Cheng’s Electronics. Li Yao used another ID to reset the address, and Qiao You also changed the ID to reply to him, so the danger was relieved.

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