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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 14 Recap

Lin Xiaoyi was so busy with the malfunctioning core machine that he directly refused to answer the call. All of the malfunctioning core devices came from Chengshi Electronics. Li Yao and Xiao Ma also saw the news and felt that there must be something strange inside Chengshi Electronics. Li Yao decided to go to Chengshi Electronics to check it alone. Chengshi Electronics claimed that the problem was caused by consumers’ self-upgrading, and refused to be responsible.

In an interview, Cheng Shiguang said that the malfunctioning core machine was caused by a software upgrade, and promised that the problem could be solved quickly, and he promised the director that he could solve it. After hanging up Fei Dong’s call, Cheng Shiguang collapsed completely. The screaming was not a software upgrade problem.

Luo Yun was playing with Feifei, and she came out to answer a call at work and asked Qiao You to play with Feifei for a while. Luo Yun heard Feifei say that she missed her father, and her mother was very awkward to accompany her to class and do handwork. Hearing what Feifei said, Luo Yun blamed herself and felt that she had not been a good mother.

Li Yao pretended to be a waiter, stole a Chengshi Electronics employee ID, and successfully entered Professor Cheng’s laboratory. Li Yao discovered that the core machine malfunctioned because Cheng Shiguang input some conscious programs in the experimental stage into the core machine, which triggered the core machine malfunction incident and told Xiao Ma.

Cheng Feng and Sijia came to the Xinji People Fighting Club. The club is very strict with people entering and leaving. You must have an invitation code to enter. Sijia scans and saves the invitation code to enter the club. Homesick looked at those robots fighting, feeling very uncomfortable. Cheng Feng told Sijia to go first if he couldn’t stand it. Sijia said that he would like to see it for a while, and then clenched his fist.

Cheng Shiguang came to the laboratory after lunch and found that his computer had been used by others. At this time, Li Yao appeared beside Cheng Shiguang. Li Yao accused Cheng Shiguang of the murderer of his father, but Cheng Shiguang firmly said that he had only destroyed countless core robots and never harmed human beings. Li Yao said that Cheng Shiguang was not allowed to fulfill his dream of opening the singularity in the name of hurting his family.

Cheng Shiguang wanted to study a conscious core robot, and Li Yao finally couldn’t bear Cheng Shiguang, and wanted to fight Cheng Shiguang. Cheng Shiguang activated the security system, but Li Yao successfully escaped from Chengshi Electronics using his employee ID.

Qiao You asked Jiang Li again if he remembered what happened yesterday, but Jiang Li still insisted that he did not remember. Feifei dreamed of Qiao Mingyu and said that she wanted her father to come back. Qiao You comforted Feifei warmly, but Feifei still cried to find her father. Jiang Li comforted Feifei and told Feifei that her father was thinking about her, and Feifei finally stopped. Watching all this, Qiao You decided to trust Li Yao and took Jiang away to find Li Yao.

Sijia saw Ye Kun on the fighting field. When Ye Kun was about to defeat his opponent, Peng Daqi turned on the core robot suppressor, and Ye Kun could only fall. When Peng Daqi made a bet, Ye Kun would lose. Under the influence of the core robot suppressor, Ye Kun could only be beaten by his opponent without fighting back. Homesick finally couldn’t stand it, picked up the stick to reach Peng Daqi and rescued Ye Kun from the fighting arena. When Cheng Feng saw this scene, he also came out with homesickness.

The security guards of the Xinjiren Fighting Club chased them out with the Xinjiren suppressor. In order to protect the homesick, Ye Kun hid the homesick, and he was arrested by Peng Daqi. Cheng Feng took the homesick away by bike, and the homesick escaped smoothly, but Ye Kun fell into Peng Daqi’s hands again.

This incident was quickly reported. Qiao You was watching the news. Jiang Li took a look and found that it was homesick and Ye Kun, and was taken aback. Qiao You asked about the truth about Li Yao, Li Yao showed Qiao You the charging port on his waist and told Qiao You that he was a half-human, half-core robot.

Homesick bid farewell to Cheng Feng and wanted to find his family. Cheng Feng said that he would like to introduce Homesick to his family for his birthday next week. Homesick said that he would call. Qiao You learns that Li Yao is the son of Li Jianwei, and he established the world’s first conscious core robot-Jiang Li before the advent of the core robot.

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