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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 12 Recap

Although Li Yao had resumed An Yi’s original procedures, the restored An Yi did not know Li Yao at all. Li Yao called Xiao Ma, and Xiao Ma asked him to meet him as soon as possible. Qiao You still couldn’t completely trust Li Yao and did not allow him to modify Anyi’s procedures, but promised that he would take care of Anyi. Just as the teacher found out about bringing An Yi, Qiao You lied that Li Yao was a student in the physics department.

Professor Li asked Li Yao’s dean of the department, and Li Yao escaped the disaster through his ingenuity. Professor Li asked Li Yao to leave, but Li Yao was helpless and had to leave a USB flash drive and leave sadly. Qiao You explained that the core machine is his own home core machine, and Professor Li asked to see Qiao You’s parents. Luo Yun came to the school and explained to Professor Li that Anyi was the core machine of his own family.

Professor Li gave Qiao You a warning. Qiao You complained that Luo Yun didn’t care about home, and Qiao Mingyu had her fault in opening Anyi’s emotional experience mode. Luo Yun started to reflect on herself under her daughter’s complaint, and she decided to have a good talk with Qiao Mingyu. Luo Yun was angrily because Qiao Mingyu’s lies made Anyi almost destroyed, and her son Qiao Yuan was in a scapegoat, and she dared not admit what she had done. Luo Yun offered to calm down for a while and let Qiao Mingyu move out.

Ye Kun succeeded in the first battle, but he felt very guilty for hurting the same kind. Ye Kun rebelled against Peng Daqi again, but he did not expect Peng Daqi to take out his killer-Wan Ling. If Ye Kun was disobedient, Wan Ling would know that Ye Kun was a robot, and Ye Kun gave up resisting.

Qiao Mingyu moved out of the house with his luggage, Qiao Yuan and Luo Yun silently watched him leave. Qiao Yuan told Qiao You about Qiao Mingyu’s leaving home, but Qiao You didn’t care about it, and asked Qiao Yuan to go back to his room to rest. Dr. Jin and Ah Zheng played a game of hide-and-seek. Dr. Jin asked where the things that A Zheng had kept, and Dr. King took out a letter from Li Jianwei to him.

Xiao Ma and Li Yao are at the door of Cheng Shiguang’s house, ready to go in to find Li Jianwei’s memory card. Cheng Shiguang’s home is equipped with high-tech security systems, as long as one vent can enter.

Qiao You remembered what Li Yaosai had given her, and found that it was a master key to modify the core machine program. Qiao You used the master key to re-modify An Yi’s original program, but An Yi still has no response. An Yi was very disappointed and went back to rest first. At this time Jiang Li successfully awakened and remembered the original thing. Cheng Shiguang discovered that Jiang Li had been bought by Qiao Mingyu, and decided to go to Qiao Mingyu’s house to find Jiang Li.

In the morning, Jiang Li arranged breakfast for the family, and Feifei was very happy holding Jiang Li. Luo Yun lied that Qiao Mingyu was on a business trip and could not accompany Feifei to the crafting class. Qiao You asked who Jiang Li was. Jiang Li was disappointed when she said that she was a home core machine. Qiao Mingyu was resting in the company and was teased by his boss. The boss agreed with Qiao Mingyu to sit in the company temporarily, hoping that Qiao Mingyu could solve the family problem as soon as possible.

The director of Cheng’s Electronics asked Cheng Shiguang to explain the use of Cheng’s electronic manpower. Cheng Shiguang did not want to explain this, but left directly to look for Jiang Li. Cheng Feng answered the phone and set off in a hurry. The homesick was a little suspicious of Cheng Feng’s behavior and followed Cheng Feng.

Jiang Li cleaned at home alone, and used Qiao You’s computer to send text messages to Li Yao. After the recovery, Jiang left to take out the trash and helped the cleaner to open the lid of the trash can. When the core machine asked Jiang Li why he did not share information, Jiang Li said he should say thank you. When Qiao You came back and found someone had used her computer, Jiang Li firmly stated that he had never used Qiao You’s computer.

Homesick followed Cheng Feng to the hospital and found that Cheng Feng was caring for an old man. Cheng Feng said that the old man was his girlfriend’s mother.

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