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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 11 Recap

The core machine Azheng who has been with Dr. Jin has been seriously aging. The health insurance representative sent Dr. Jin the latest medical core machine Rose, and wanted to recover Azheng and destroy it. Escaped. The health insurance representative still insisted that if the rose was not left, he would search the home of Dr. Jin to find Ah Zheng, and told Dr. Jin that the aging robot would be destroyed, and Dr. Jin had to leave the rose.

Qiao You and Qiao Yuan brought Anyi to the school’s core machine management room. The teacher from the core machine management room came back when they were decrypting. They had to put An Yi in the core machine management room and escaped by themselves, thinking Plan after the teacher leaves. The teacher in the core machine management room received a call to add a female core machine, compiled a new program and took her away.

When Qiao You came to the core machine management room again, he found that Anyi was no longer there, so he hurriedly went to find Anyi and ran into Li Yao on the road. Qiao You tells Li Yao the news of Anyi’s loss, and Li Yao decides to find Anyi together with Qiao You.

Cheng Shiguang and his assistant Wen Haokang came to Dr. Jin’s home. He hoped that Lao Jin would crack the key to life with him. Many years ago, Cheng Shiguang, Dr. Jin, and Li Jianwei used to be the iron triangle of researching core robots together, but they fell apart because of disagreements. Cheng Shiguang told Dr. Jin that Li Jianwei had created four conscious core robots, and Dr. Jin expressed his surprise.

Peng Daqi learned that Ye Kun was a conscious core robot, and brought Ye Kun to the Seven Prison Core Fighting Club abroad, using Li Yao and their safety to intimidate Ye Kun into the fight, and promised to give him freedom in three months. Ye Kun Wearing a collar core robot suppressor, unable to escape, had to agree. Peng Daqi registered Ye Kun with the Seven Prison Core Robot Fighting Club and named Ye Kun “Hungry Wolf”

Cheng Shiguang wanted Dr. Jin to crack the code, but Dr. Jin did not want to help. At this time, Ah Zheng came out. Cheng Shiguang recognized that Ah was the core machine who Li Jianwei sent Dr. Jin back then, and has been with him. Cheng Shiguang threatened Dr. Jin with Ah Zheng, and Dr. Jin had to compromise with Cheng Shiguang and agreed to Cheng Shiguang’s request.

Dr. Jin discovered that the code was not to open the singularity program, it was just a part of the copied code, and it was still incomplete. If you want to develop a conscious core machine, you need the first prototype of a conscious core machine. Cheng Shiguang believed Dr. Jin’s words and left from Dr. Jin’s house.

Qiao Yuan discovered that An Yi was playing Daji in the history class during class, so he secretly took An Yi away between classes. Ye Kun was unwilling to hurt his own kind, and was unwilling to go on stage to fight with the core machine. Peng Daqi threatened Ye Kun with Li Yao and their safety, and Ye Kun had to follow Peng Daqi’s words to fight, and Ye Kun, as a conscious core robot, easily won the fight.

Li Yao got his wish and found Jiang Li, but Jiang Li no longer knew him at this time, An Yi only obeyed and Qiao You. Qiao You asks Li Yao to prove his relationship with Anye, and Li Yao restores Anye’s original procedures. Qiao You asked who Li Yao was and why he had the authority to change the original program of Anye. Li Yao said his name and told Qiao You that he had the authority to modify all the original programs of the core machine. Qiao You always felt very familiar with Li Yao’s name.

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