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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 10 Recap

Cheng Shiguang chatted with Ye Kun, and wanted to learn some clues about the conscious core robot from Ye Kun, hoping to cooperate with Ye Kun to rebuild a new world order. Qiao Yuan didn’t want to get along with Qiao Mingyu. When Qiao Mingyu sat down to eat, Qiao Yuan walked away very unhappy.

Luo Yun learned from Qiao You that Qiao Yuan had opened Anyi’s emotional experience mode, and misunderstood Qiao Yuan’s love for Dou Chukai, opened Anyi’s love experience mode, and wanted Qiao Mingyu to enlighten him. Qiao Mingyu had a guilty conscience and rejected Luo Yun’s suggestion on the grounds that he was about to be late for work. Luo Yun decided to enlighten Qiao Yuan by himself.

Qiao You and Li Yao met. Qiao You feels that Li Yao doesn’t seem to be someone who understands that code, and that Li Yao is a liar. In order to convince Qiao You, Li Yao also took out a picture of Jiang Li. Qiao You said that Anyi would make some strange behaviors, and would drag people to shout for help. Li Yao firmly believed that Anyi was Jiang Li and hurriedly asked Qiao You to take him to find Jiang Li.

Ye Kun told Cheng Shiguang that he wanted freedom. Cheng Shiguang took out the core robot suppressor to deal with Ye Kun. Ye Kun grabbed the core robot suppressor and wounded Cheng Shiguang’s men and escaped.

Because Cheng Feng’s assistant was temporarily unable to work, homesick came to help Cheng Feng with his work. Seeing Cheng Feng’s closeness with homesickness, Cheng Feng’s model, Sakura, was very jealous and wanted to take care of homesickness. Qiao You still didn’t trust Li Yao too much, and lied that An Yi was put in the locker room of the underwear shop, so he went to take An Yi out with an excuse, and then stole away by himself.

Luo Yun went to enlighten Qiao Yuan. Qiao Yuan was under tremendous pressure for his family and almost collapsed, leaving home very unhappy. Qiao Mingyu rushed to try to explain, but Qiao Yuan did not accept Qiao Mingyu’s explanation, saying that he was only afraid that his sister would be disappointed with his father.

Kozakura wanted to rectify the song homesick, but when she saw it through, she was embarrassed. Qu Sijia realized the feeling of being jealous, and the relationship with Cheng Feng was further improved because of the shooting.

Li Yao waited for a long time at the entrance of the underwear shop. After asking the staff, he found that Qiao You had already left. When Li Yao saw Qiao You, he hurried after him, and Wen Haokang also found that Li Yao had chased him. Li Yao and Qiao You jumped off the bridge to avoid Wen Haokang and the others, and Li Yao’s old injuries relapsed. Li Yao decided not to force Qiao You to take herself to An Yi and told Qiao You that he could contact him at any time if he trusted him. After Qiao You left, Li Yao secretly followed Qiao You to check where Qiao You went.

Qu Sijia bloomed his beauty under the lens, and Cheng Feng did not hesitate to praise him. Qu Sijia felt that Cheng Feng liked him, but whenever he wanted to kiss him, he was a little resistant, and there seemed to be something unspeakable.

Ye Kun called to tell Li Yao that he had escaped, and at the same time told Cheng Shiguang that he had a special memory card made by Li Jianwei at home. As soon as Ye Kun finished the call, he was stunned by Peng Daqi’s core robot suppressor.

Qiao Mingyu admitted to Luo Yun that Anyi’s emotional experience mode was opened by herself, so the two had a big fight. Qiao You has no permission to modify Anye’s original program, so Qiao You wanted to sneak Anye to the school’s core machine management department for review. Qiao Yuan called Qiao You, told Qiao Mingyu and Luo Yun had a big quarrel, and asked her to go home and help solve it.

Cheng Shiguang learned that Wen Haokang was going to arrest Li Yao and slapped Wen Haokang in anger. What Cheng Shiguang wanted to know were the secrets of the conscious core robot, and Li Yao had no value in these questions. Cheng Shiguang thought that there might be someone who could help him untie this code. Li Yao believed that the memory card should be retrieved from Cheng Shiguang’s house, and Jiang Li should be found and protected.

At breakfast, Qiao You wanted to talk to Luo Yun about Qiao Mingyu. Luo Yun didn’t want to bring up this topic with Qiao You, so she changed the subject. Qiao You brought An Yi to the school, and wanted to dress An Yi as a teaching core machine. During lunch, Qiao You went in to check An Yi’s original program.

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