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HIStory4: Close to You (2021) HIStory4: 近距离爱上你

HIStory4: Close to You
Other Title: HIStory4: 近距离爱上你 / HIStory4: Jin Ju Li Ai Shang Ni / HIStory4: Close to You

Genres: drama, BL, romance
 Chen Yi Yu
Line TV
Release Date: 
March 14, 2021
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  • Tu Shan Cun as Xiao Li Cheng
  • Chen Li An as Teng Mu Ren
  • An Jun Peng as Ye Xing Si
  • Lin Jia Wei as Fu Yong Jie

Xiao Li Cheng, the manager of the sales division in a wedding planning company, is straightforward and bold. In order to court his first love, Liu Mei Fang, a fujoshi, he asks another man Teng Mu Ren, to pretend to be his “date” in order to get Mei Fang’s attention. However he ends up falling in love with Mu Ren.

Fu Yong Jie is a medical student who is double-faced, especially towards his older stepbrother, Ye Xing Si, who is innocent and warm. Sparks began to appear between them.

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