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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 13 Recap

In order to increase the number of people, Wang Musheng did not hesitate to eat wildly in front of the camera, but he would go outside to induce vomiting every time he finished eating. Seeing this scene, Song Xiaofeng couldn’t help but ridicule, but Wang Musheng didn’t show weakness and immediately turned back. On the other side, Wang Dana paid close attention to Yang Xiaoyan’s live broadcast, and found that there was a fan named Once Juvenile in the live broadcast room who kept giving Yang Xiaoyan gifts. He stayed at the top of the list for a long time, and even Wang Dana couldn’t beat him.

After the live broadcast ended, Wang Dana couldn’t help complaining that Yang Xiaoyan was now focused on the Internet and didn’t care about herself at all. He even thought that the netizens and the top brothers were plotting against her. Wang Dana wanted Yang Xiaoyan to disclose the fact that she had a husband and children during the live broadcast. However, Yang Xiaoyan believed that Wang Dana did not trust her, and it was obviously for work, so his mouth changed.

In the middle of the night, there was no sound, and I saw an old man in white shirt lying on the wall of a family, with his legs on his back. People who didn’t know thought it was someone who had entered the house, but Xie Guangkun hadn’t noticed the toilet when he was splitting up and building the wall. Xie Guangkun felt sorry for the money and refused to build a toilet, so he could only pull the wall hard to solve the physiological problems, and he pitted himself in disguise.

In the last few days, Song Xiaofeng saw his daughter-in-law as if he had hit a plague god. He still couldn’t understand why Song Qinglian suddenly changed her temperament. She wrapped herself around her like a sticky bean bag, and appeared in her sight all the time. In order to get rid of Song Qinglian, Song Xiaofeng hurried to go to work by bicycle while she was asleep, and when she passed the gate, she specifically told the wine bottle not to reveal that she was in the villa.

However, Song Qinglian still ignored the obstruction of the wine bottle and slipped into the villa. Erya protested against the couple’s problems, thinking that Song Qinglian’s behavior disturbed the work, Song Xiaofeng said that there would never be similar things happening again. As a result, Erya had just left, Song Qinglian appeared afterwards, even though Song Xiaofeng lied about going to the city to do errands, he asked to go with him. Seeing Song Qinglian steadfastly following her, when Song Xiaofeng was helpless, she didn’t plan to continue the live broadcast, so she simply walked around with her today.

Because Xie Guangkun’s behavior caused Wang Xiaomeng’s dissatisfaction, Xie Yongqiang tried to resolve the conflict, saying that if he chooses to move rashly, Zhao Jinfeng will be sad. Wang Xiaomeng also knew that several children were brought up by mother-in-law, and she couldn’t bear to leave Zhao Jinfeng, but now that they want to give the children a better environment, the two must make a choice.

After repeated consideration, Wang Xiaomeng proposed to suspend the business of the soy product factory and concentrate on bringing the baby home. However, Xie Yongqiang did not want to see his daughter-in-law giving up her career for her own sake. Moreover, the factory was on the rise, so he planned to stop the orchard and go home to take the baby. lifestyle.

Du Xiaoshuang went to find Shunzi, wanting to requisition his private field for experimentation. Shunzi felt that she could sit back and reap the benefits without having to work, so she immediately agreed, but when she heard about it, she became very angry and chased him behind his ass with a broomstick. Du Xiaoshuang and Liu Yishui asked Zhang Zhongwei about the test bed, and Zhang Zhongwei said that they would cooperate fully.

Because Song Xiaofeng was so entangled in Song Qinglian that he couldn’t bear it, he simply went to discuss strategies with Li Cheng and others and initiated a self-rescue plan. Li Cheng found the wine bottle and asked him to cooperate with him to stage a scene of killing the chicken and the monkey. The wine bottle pretended that he was expelled by Li Cheng because he took his family to the villa, and was too angry to ask Song Xiaofeng for theory.

Just because the three sang a harmony and deliberately pointed out that bringing family members to work violated the villa system, Li Yang threatened to expel Song Xiaofeng. Sure enough, as soon as the voice fell, Song Qinglian hurriedly stopped and offered to leave. After Song Qinglian went back to work, she was depressed, but Song Xiaofeng was refreshed. He and Erya discussed the live broadcast, but there is no new story at the moment, causing the live broadcast to be blocked.

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