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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 37 Recap

Li Ming learned that Pubalu personally sent Dr. Heng out of Chang’an City. He was overjoyed. He wanted to wait for Pei Xingjian to come and ask him for pills. Then he would exchange the military power in Pei Xingjian’s hands to make Li Zhi isolated and helpless. Pubalu revealed Pei Xingjian’s little lady is a palace lady in the palace, and has just been hit with a board recently. Li Ming sent someone to inform Concubine Yang and ask Concubine Yang to find out who this palace lady is.

Concubine Yang sent people to investigate around the palace, and finally found out that Xiaodouzi from the Shangfu Bureau had been hit with a board. Concubine Yang was puzzled, but sent someone to Buluyuan to catch Kudi Liuli who was recovering from the wound. Pei Xingjian suspected that the pills in the Hengtai Medical Center were provided by Pubanu. He intercepted Pubanu halfway and asked about the origin of the pills. Pubalu looked innocent and asked Pei Xingjian to find the person who should beg.

Pei Xingjian came to see Ku Di Liuli, only to realize that she had disappeared, and Sun Decheng and Xiao Shunzi looked around for no result. Concubine Yang sent someone to arrest Kudi Liuli and ordered her to take off her clothes to verify her body. Kudi Liuli desperately resisted. Yang Fei has found out her details. She entered the palace at the age of seven, and she was dressed as a man.

Lu Yuan worked as a errand, and was later beaten because of a conflict with Zhuo Jinniang for the title of No. 1 Needle in the World. Concubine Yang struggled to ask her where the clothing craftsman came from, but Kudi Liuli refused to answer, and Concubine Yang sent someone to her. She changed into a daughter’s costume and gave her the pills left by Li Ming.

Concubine Yang looked at Ku Di Liuli, who was dressed in women’s clothing, and felt that she seemed to have known her before. Concubine Yang racked her brains to remember that she had appeared in Wu Cairen’s room and wanted to frame Wu Cairen and Li Zhi with this. Ku Di Liuli didn’t want to involve them both. , I had to tell my own life experience and experience. Concubine Yang hated Concubine An’s bones.

After An’s sewing of the queen’s coat without authorization inflicted her on her not being sealed, Ku Di Liuli exposed to the face that Zhuo Jinniang made coats to please Concubine Yang, and finally planted and framed her mother. She stayed. In the palace, she wanted to avenge her mother. Yang Fei asked Kudi Liuli to help her and promised to get rid of Zhuo Jinniang to avenge her mother. Kudi Liuli flatly refused. Yang Fei ordered Kudi Liuli to be detained and waited for her medicine. Let’s talk about it when it’s uncomfortable.

Pei Xingjian looked around for Kudi Liuli but couldn’t find it, so he had to ask Mo Kun for help to find someone from Li Ming’s Cao Wang Mansion. Mo Kun sent people to stare at Li Ming’s mansion and found that they were secretly transporting the armor, guessing that they were about to rebel. Pei Xingjian did not dare to delay, and immediately returned to the palace to report to Li Zhi. Unexpectedly, Li Mingzheng and Li Zhi were chatting together.

The two people chatted enthusiastically. When Li Ming saw this, he hurriedly found an excuse to leave. He deliberately dropped the purse that Kudi Liuli carried with him on the ground, and hinted that Pei Xingjian was going to be a stunning beauty. Choosing carefully with Li Zhi, Pei Xingjian guessed that Kudi Liuli was in his house, and that he had already seen through Kudi Liuli’s daughter. Pei Xingjian considered repeatedly and concealed Li Ming’s transportation of armor.

Concubine Yang forced Ku Di Liuli to embroider a dragon robe for Li Zhi, and then managed to hide it in Li Zhi’s East Palace. Ku Di Liuli saw that Concubine Yang wanted to frame Li Zhimou to usurp the throne. She determined not to do it. Concubine Yang had to show her trump card. They thought Using Pei Xingjian to frame up Li Zhi, Ku Di Liuli gritted his teeth with anger, and Yang Fei threatened to stop giving her pills, so that she would have a taste of life is better than death.

Pei Xingjian is eager to save people and bit his head to negotiate with Li Ming. Li Ming has been waiting for a long time. When he meets, he reveals the truth that Ku Di Liuli is a stunning woman. Pei Xingjian doesn’t want to listen to him being long-winded, let him explain his true purpose, Li Ming asks Pei Xingjian to change Qi Yizhi took refuge in him, so he and Kudi Liuli would stay together and fly. Pei Xingjian refused to do it. Li Ming threatened to disclose that Kudi Liuli was the daughter of the culprit, An’s daughter. Cudi Liuli could not escape the crime, and Pei Xingjian wanted to see for himself. When Kudi Liuli was safe and sound, Li Ming promised to let them meet tonight.

Concubine Yang sent court lady Danqing to persuade Ku Di Liuli, and also took a pill to lure her. Ku Di Liuli was in pain and reluctantly agreed to Yang Fei’s condition. Concubine Yang asked Ku Di Liuli to write a note and handed it to Pei Xingjian. She promised to give her an antidote once it was done. She did not expect that Concubine Yang would ask Ku Di Liuli to write “Tomorrow Noon Cao Wang Li Ming will support the Xuanwu Gate”, Ku Di Liuli knew the serious consequences of this note, so she didn’t dare to write that if Pei Xingjian and Li Zhi believed this lie, they would take troops to Xuanwumen to suppress them, and then Yang Fei and Li Ming would conspiracy against Li Zhi. Crime.

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