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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 36 Recap

Li Ming saw the tragic situation that Pubalu was not as good as death, and guessed that he did not take that kind of pills. As soon as he went out, he punched and kicked Pubalu, and threw him a few pills to force him to eat. Pubalu suffered. It’s hard to bear, swallow it on the spot. Li Ming used the Puba Nu to test this kind of pill from the beginning of the martial arts competition. He didn’t expect the drug to be so intense and addictive. Li Ming was secretly pleased and wanted to keep the pill for future use. Li Ming found that the Pubannu was abandoned, and sent someone to find someone to replace it.

Li Minglai asked Concubine Yang for help. He watched with his own eyes that Li Zhi was about to feed the poisoned decoction to Li Shimin. Unexpectedly, at the last moment, Li Zhi would excuse too much hand tremor to copy the scriptures and let him give Li Shimin the medicine. After turning over the medicine bowl, Li Ming and Yang Fei discussed the next plan. They wanted to contact some trusted ministers first and then create a fake photo. As long as Li Shimin died, they could implement the plan.

When Pubaru heard that Dr. Heng at Hengtai Medical Center had excellent medical skills, he came to him to prepare an antidote. He found that there was a long line of people who came to the hospital to seek medical advice. Pubaru suddenly saw Pei Xingjian from Hengtai. He came out of the medical hall and rushed into the medical hall to drive away all the patients. He threatened Dr. Heng to tell the purpose of Pei Xingjian’s arrival. Dr. Heng was forced to admit that Pei Xingjian had prescribed a prescription for a young lady who was seriously injured. Suffered from sepsis. Doctor Heng gave the pulse of Pubalu casually. He was frightened and panicked. Pubalu had to take out the pill that Li Ming gave him. Doctor Heng could tell at a glance that it was an addictive poison. Once taken, he would become addicted. If the medicine is easily broken, there will be life-threatening, and Pubanu hates Li Mingming.

Kudi Liuli feels that she has nothing to love. She has always been depressed. Pei Xingjian personally boiled the medicine and asked Xiao Shunzi to send it to Kudi Liuli. Xiao Shunzi tried to persuade Kudi Liuli to cheer her up as soon as possible. Be willing to drink medicine, Pei Xingjian has been waiting outside. Mo Kun hurried to inform Pei Xingjian that Li Shimin suddenly wanted to summon Li Zhi, and also called Changsun Wuji and Chu Suiliang together. Pei Xingjian dared not delay and rushed over.

Li Shimin knew that his time was short, so he issued a decree and ordered Changsun Wuji and Chu Suiliang to assist Li Zhi. Li Shimin exhorted Li Zhiqian and hoped that he would take good care of the country of the Tang Dynasty, and Li Zhi remembered them one by one. Li Ming heard that Li Shimin had publicly appointed two ministers of Gu Ming. He decided to take the risk and try to get Li Zhi to support Xuanwumen, to produce evidence of his rebellion, and to force Li Shimin to abolish Li Zhi.

Pubanu was addicted to taking medicine. He forced himself to quit the poison, but he couldn’t stand the painful torture of the stubborn claws, so he had to come to Li Ming for medicine. Stunned and rampaged in the palace, Li Ming ordered the Pubanbow to be caught. Pubalu repeatedly claimed that he had the secret of Pei Xingjian. Li Mingcai took out the pills to take him. Pubalu gradually calmed down and reported to Li Ming that Pei Xingjian had gone to Hengtai Medical Center to get the medicine.

Kudi Liuli avoids seeing Pei Xingjian. Pei Xingjian can’t let her down on her injury and dare not go in to visit, so she has to come to Da Ci’en Temple to pray for her. Eleven years ago, Pei Xingjian changed her fortune for Kudi Liuli, and now he wants to go through the fire for her. , I hoped that the Bodhisattva would protect Kudi Liuli’s safety and health. Finally, Pei Xingjian asked her for peace and blessing.

Pei Xingjian came to see Kudi Liuli and saw from the crack in the door that she was limping and almost falling down in the room. He hurried in to greet her with coldness. Kudi Liuli didn’t want to see him, so Pei Xingjian took out her peace and blessing and gave it to her. In the scene at the Great Ci’en Temple eleven years ago, Kudi Liuli never expected that Pei Xingjian was there at that time, so she had to accept the blessing of peace.

Pubanu reported to Li Ming and Yang Fei that Pei Xingjian had bought medicine for the lady. Li Ming immediately decided to ask Pubanu to give this addictive poison pill to Pei Xingjian. After his little lady became addicted, life would be better than death, and Pei Xingjian would have no time. Assist Li Zhi. Kudi Liuli drank the decoction for three days, and his injury gradually improved. Pei Xingjian came to the clinic to thank Doctor Heng. Under the coercion of Pubanu, Dr. Heng sold the addictive pill to Pei Xingjian, repeatedly claiming that the pill can be used. Pei Xingjian believed it to be true, and quickly took it back to Xiao Shunzi.

Xiao Shunzi came to give Kudi Liuli the pills, Kudi Liuli ate it on the spot, and promised to reward Xiao Shunzi again after recovering from injury. Xiao Shunzi only asked her to forget the unpleasantness of the past. Pei Xingjian saw this scene outside the window, and his heart doubled. Feeling relieved. From that day on, Kudi Liuli became addicted to that kind of pills. He became more energetic after taking the pills, and languished if he didn’t take them. Li Ming learned that Pei Xingjian came to fetch more and more medicines, and felt that the opportunity to close the net had arrived. , He told Pubanu to break Pei Xingjian’s pill.

Kudi Liuli rummaged around for the pills but found nothing. She yelled anxiously. Xiao Shunzi and Sun Decheng tried to persuade them to no avail. Xiao Shunzi had to go to Pei Xingjian. Pei Xingjian found that Kudi Liuli and Pu Ba Nu had exactly the same symptoms. , He immediately realized that he had been deceived, and hurried to the Hengtai Medical Center to find Dr. Heng, and found that he had already escaped, and Pei Xingjian was immediately dumbfounded.

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