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To Be With You 约定 Episode 30 Recap

Duo Duo appreciates Liu Yang’s sand painting skills, and at the same time apologizes for the previous misunderstanding. Since the cafe is going to have a store celebration recently, Duo Duo plans to buy a hundred sand paintings, especially knowing that Liu Yang had been funded by Ji Ping An, so he first transferred the painting money to Liu Yang.

After receiving the first payment, Liu Yang immediately contacted Ji Ping An, and immediately came to visit with a gift, and saw Ji Ping’s wife and mother-in-law. Liu Yang returned the compensation that Ji Ping’an had paid for herself, and repeatedly assured that it was the money earned from labor. Lin Yueran knew that Liu Yang was a simple and honest person, and was even more dissatisfied with her mother’s behavior. Wang Hongmei was a little bit sad. It was indeed because she had too little belly. .

On the way to send Liu Yang back to the coffee shop, Ji Pingan couldn’t help but mention the matter of re-reading. After all, in his opinion, no matter how much money Liu Yang has made now, he should not give up his studies easily. Ji Pingan was worried that Liu Yang would give up his future because of his immediate interests, so he patiently persuaded him that he should learn to see the world with knowledge. However, Liu Yang believed that he was not studying, and this conversation ended in failure.

In order to allow Liu Yang to continue his studies, Ji Ping’an took the time to find him in a coffee shop. He happened to catch up with the store celebration and saw Liu Yang being watched by a group of fans performing sand paintings. Seeing this situation, Ji Ping’an felt that Liu Yang could use his talent in painting and try to go to art colleges, but Liu Yang still declined it gently, which seemed unspeakable.

Duo Duo brought millions of internet celebrities to the scene. While Liu Yang went to live with the internet celebrities, she talked to Ji Ping An about the real reason why Liu Yang came to Shanghai. Liu Yang had actually been admitted to the university at the time, but he felt that the university was not good, so he gave up. Besides, because Ji Ping’an had supported him for many years, he felt a little guilty, so he simply went to Shanghai to work and pay back the money.

Even though Liu Yang understands that gratitude is comforting, Ji Pingan does not want Liu Yang to devote his mind to paying off debts. Upon learning of this, Lin Yueran applied to Director Yao for a new topic in the interview column, hoping to pass on the relay of love to the public based on Ji Ping’s funding of Liu Yang. Director Yao was very optimistic about Lin Yueran’s idea and agreed to let her do it.

Lin Yueran succeeded in persuading Ji Pingan to be interviewed on the show, but she didn’t know Liu Yang’s thoughts. She went to the coffee shop to find Liu Yang in person, hoping that he could participate in this show. Liu Yang agreed to Lin Yueran’s invitation, so he told the story of being funded by Ji Pingan seven years ago to study in front of the camera, admitting his purpose of working and earning money.

Ji Ping’an was puzzled by Liu Yang’s behavior. He clearly understood that Liu Yang was a student with excellent grades. Why was he easily defeated by this setback. Ji Pingan took the initiative to talk about his hometown of Jinzhai and his poor student from Jinzhai. There is a person named Su Mingjuan in Jinzhai who took a national sensation when he was eight years old. It is precisely because of this photo that people remember the Project of Hope and let everyone focus on those who cannot read books. Of the child.

As one of the beneficiaries, Ji Ping An believes that money can be made anytime, but if he loses the best opportunity for knowledge, he will never find it back. The appearance of Professor Xu is Ji Ping’s hope in life, and it also made him understand that life is like walking up stairs. Each step is organically combined. Learning is the most important step in the life ladder. If it is missing At this level, there will be no strength to move up.

After finishing the interview, Lin Yueran thoroughly understood why her husband insisted on funding Liu Yang to study, and at the same time she admired Ji Ping An from the bottom of her heart. Through this incident, Ji Ping’an will no longer force Liu Yang to study. Now he is an adult and should know what he needs.

In the blink of an eye, the rainy weather was gone forever. Xu Mian returned to China to accompany his parents to see a nursing home. After repeated discussions, he finally chose a nursing home with excellent environment. Liu Yang had a lot of ideas because of Ji Ping’an, so he made up his mind to go home and repeat the university entrance examination.

When he was leaving, Liu Yang took the initiative to find Ji Ping An, bowed deeply to him, and promised to meet again in this city next summer. Ji Ping’an looked at Liu Yangyuan’s back and finally smiled relieved. In the following days, Ji Pingan rushed to complete the project before the bidding, and requested a vacation from the design institute, and took his wife and son to go abroad for vacation, completing the regrettable 10th anniversary.

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