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To Be With You 约定 Episode 29 Recap

When Wang Hongmei chatted with neighbors in the community, he talked about various problems with tenants. Considering that the old house is already in the renting stage, Wang Hongmei felt uneasy and went to find out in person. It turned out that the young man living in the house was not a colleague of his daughter. Especially when he learned that Liu Yang was actually a poor student funded by Ji Ping’an, Wang Hongmei lied that his relatives had entered the city, so he was driven away in disguise.

Because of Wang Hongmei’s appearance, Liu Yang didn’t want to trouble Ji Ping’an any more, so he packed up and moved out, and then submitted his resignation to the advertising company. At Duo Duo’s invitation, Liu Yang returned to the coffee shop as an employee. Ji Ping’an didn’t know about it until he called Liu Yang and found that the other party was shut down.

Ji Pingan couldn’t contact Liu Yang, so he hurried to the Internet cafe to find Martin to find out the situation. Martin took out a letter written by Liu Yang to him. The content was mainly thank you words and his thoughts about working hard in Shanghai. Because of Liu Yang’s affairs, Ji Ping’an and Wang Hongmei had a dispute. Even Lin Yueran knew about her mother’s temper and thought that she was not doing authentically in this matter, and then sided with Ji Ping’an. However, instead of being guilty, Wang Hongmei directly provoked Ji Ping’s tense anger.

In the next few days, Liu Yang worked as a waiter in a coffee shop during the day and slept on the stairs to watch the shop at night. Because he was inspired by an advertising company, he used his talent for painting to study the use of coffee powder for sand painting. Duo Duo discovered Liu Yang’s creativity and praised him, so he proposed to let him fix the painting on paper with coffee grounds to make a painting that can be hung on the wall.

Early the next morning, Wang Hongmei went home frustrated. Ji Ping’an and Lin Yueran persuaded her, took the initiative to admit their mistakes, and finally managed to keep her, but Wang Hongmei didn’t know what was wrong, so she wanted Ji Ping’an to find a nanny as soon as possible. Lin Yueran felt helpless for her mother’s behavior. She didn’t expect her son Ji Guoguo to worry about her. Because of a few reprimands about homework, Ji Guoguo lost her temper and accused her of being the worst mother in the world.

Lin Yueran got her fetal gas in a fit of anger. Fortunately, she was rushed to the hospital in time. After a doctor’s examination, she had symptoms of threatened miscarriage, although she had no serious problems. Therefore, Ji Ping’an comforted his wife to calm down as much as possible. When the couple returned home, Ji Guoguo, under Wang Hongmei’s education, realized her mistake, so she cried and apologized to Lin Yueran.

Wang Hongmei blamed this incident on Ji Ping’an, thinking that he and Lin Yueran didn’t care about their children. The reason why Ji Guoguo had trouble was that his parents would no longer like them after having a second child. After thinking twice, Wang Hongmei planned to take Ji Guoguo back to the old house. Ji Pingan told Lin Yueran about the incident, and planned to take time to have a good chat with him.

After making up his mind, Ji Ping An took Ji Guoguo out to relax and communicate, not only to let him understand that the love of his parents for every child is equal, but also to take him to Professor Xu’s house. Watching Professor Xu and Ji Guoguo playing with paper airplanes in the hospital, Ji Pingan talked to his wife about nursing homes. He always felt that there were many omissions in nursing homes before, but now he also understands the meaning of nursing homes, which can at least save a lot of worries. .

Xu Mian hasn’t returned yet. Her mother is already old, and she wants to find a safe place with Professor Xu for the rest of her life. She is seriously considering Ji Ping’an’s proposal. After leaving Professor Xu’s house, Ji Guoguo couldn’t help but ask about Professor Xu’s son, and even solemnly promised that he would never go abroad when he grew up. He would stay in China to take care of his parents. This made Ji Ping An very gratified.

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