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Sweet Life 甜蜜 Episode 9 Recap

After some persuasion, Tian Mi agreed to go back to his residence with Chang Sheng. The two began a life under one roof. Unexpectedly the next morning, the lingering thousands of thousands came to the door with his subordinates. Only then did Chang Sheng learn that Tian Mi still owed 2 million in loan sharks, and blamed Tian Mi for not telling herself the truth, but Tian Mi said Own debt has nothing to do with constant victory.

Chang Sheng found out the details of Wanqian through the relationship, took the initiative to meet with Wanqian, threatened to report that Wanqian had committed the crime of on-lending usury, forced Wanqian to agree to Tian Mi’s debt to be charged at the normal bank interest, and promised No more harassment of Tian Mi and Tian Mi’s family.

Tian Mi went to apply for a job at a luxury store where she used to go shopping before, and met Matissa and Qin Miaowen by chance and was humiliated. Tian Mi’s parents ended their treatment abroad and flew back to China. They did not return to their hometown of Chongqing and came directly to Ningcheng. In addition to distressing Tian Mi, her parents also tearfully praised Tian Mi’s responsibility and spine, and urged Tian Mi to cheer up and start life again. Tian Mi’s parents took the initiative to meet with members of the debt committee and stated that they would do their best to help Tian Mi repay the debt.

Dong Chou told Chang Sheng that his project was not completed and Chang Sheng was not to blame, because their headquarters did not receive his family plan at all. He also knew that Zhou Shili was too anxious to get in the way, but didn’t know that Chang Sheng’s company had Who was involved in this matter. In front of Jay Chou, Chang Sheng tried to ensure that Yu Yangyang had no problem, because Yu Yangyang had been very enthusiastic to promote Jay Chou’s family plan, but he did not expect that the culprit in this matter was Yu Yangyang.

Yu Yangyang easily told Chang Sheng about her resignation at home. This surprised Chang Sheng. Chang Sheng asked Yu Yangyang about her cooperation with Zhou Shili. Yu Yangyang didn’t want to admit what Chang Sheng said, but Chang Sheng seemed to know something. She could only admit this, and felt that she had done nothing wrong. This made Chang Sheng had to argue with her.

Chang Sheng was very kind to persuade Yu Yangyang not to do such a thing, because it was illegal, but Yu Yangyang refused to listen, and even said that they were already divorced. She didn’t need Chang Sheng’s kind enlightenment, so she didn’t accept Chang Sheng’s persuasion. Chang Sheng went out to think about it for a long time, and finally decided to call Dong Chou to make it clear. Unexpectedly, it was Zhou Shili who answered the phone, and Zhou Shili lied that Dong Chou was in a coma and prevented Chang Sheng from contacting him.

Zhao Kang went to the apartment to find Tian Mi, questioned Tian Mi’s future plans, and pretended to be kind enough to help Tian Mi. When Zhao Kang learned that Tian Mi had applied for a job with her resume, she immediately said that her company had a job suitable for Tian Mi. Tian Mi was very happy when he heard that. However, Zhao Kang didn’t expect that Zhao Kang didn’t want to work for her, but wanted to use her now. The situation forced her to be Zhao Kang’s lover.

Tian Mi couldn’t accept Zhao Kang’s request, so she could only pack her things and leave, and go to Li Meng for help. When Li Meng learned of what Zhao Kang had done, he immediately told Tian Mi about her actions by Zhao Kang before. He regretted that he had not told Tian Mi before and made Tian Mi suffer the same grievance. Tian Mi has nowhere to go, Li Meng can only take Tian Mi to where she lives, but Li Meng has another co-tenant dog left, who is very strict with the co-tenant roommates, so she rushes to let Li Meng take care of her. When Tian Mi drove away, Li Meng could only lie that Tian Mi was her new co-tenant, and then Tian Mi stayed.

Chang Sheng drank a lot of wine in the bar and just didn’t want to go home, while Yu Yangyang kept sending Chang Sheng news at home, urging Chang Sheng to go home. Tian Mi was trying to tell Chang Sheng the address of her new home, but she did not expect to receive a call from Chang Sheng. Only then did she know that Chang Sheng was drunk in the bar.

Tian Mi was not easy to pick up Changsheng, so she asked the people in the bar to call other contacts of Changsheng, and she heard Li Meng say that someone had fallen to death while drunk. She was really worried and could only pick up Changsheng.

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