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Sweet Life 甜蜜 Episode 8 Recap

Thousands of words made Tian Mi have to pay back the money within three days, and the leftover dog heard the threats from hundreds of thousands and blamed himself as the second landlord for failing to protect her. Tian Mi didn’t want to hurt Li Meng and the leftover dog, so she packed up and left the shared house. Because Tian Mi was penniless, she wanted to find Liu Yuan to borrow, but Liu Yuan was also in trouble. Her husband owed a lot of money for gambling. Now they are gambling debts abroad.

That night, Tian Mi didn’t have enough money to live in a hotel, she could only live on the street, which was extremely desolate. She sat in a daze at the food stall and didn’t leave until the shop proofed. She dragged her luggage forward aimlessly, feeling a little confused. Tian Mi looked at the lights in the surrounding houses, crowded with people, and still could not conceal her loneliness, just like she was sitting on the steps of a food court, and there was no place under her feet where she really belonged.

Chang Sheng failed to find a suitable job, Ge Ziquan continued to persuade him to rearrange the articles in the official account into a book, but Chang Sheng had no plans to publish at all, and he believed that he was not qualified for publication. Li Meng couldn’t contact Tian Mi for a long time, so he lost his temper at Wan Baiqian and ordered him to find someone quickly. He immediately called Chang Sheng and explained why Tian Mi was missing.

Even though Tian Mi is in a desperate situation, she still delivers resumes every day, even if she is repeatedly frustrated. The proprietor of the rice cake shop saw Tian Mi’s problems, so she asked her to stay in the shop as a handyman, providing food and shelter plus two thousand wages. At this time, two thousands of hands came down to eat fried rice cakes, Xiaohu and Xiaobao ran into Tian Mi by mistake, rushed to her to ask for money, and even shouted in public.

Seeing that they were so arrogant, the proprietress immediately called out the chefs in the store. Xiaohu and Xiaobao saw that the chefs were so big, they didn’t dare to offend them easily, and simply fled. Finally left the food court and escaped, the two discussed carefully and decided to tell Li Meng Tian Mi’s whereabouts.

After leaving Shengbang Trust, Yu Yangyang worked under Luo Jiang. Because of her strong abilities, she often went on her own, and it was easier to adapt to the job at hand. Luo Jiang found out that the front desk had changed a new person. After inquiring, he found out that the other party actually recruited Yu Yangyang to join the company. Originally, Luo Jiang didn’t like this kind of arbitrarily advocated person, and planned to give her a prestige. He didn’t expect Yu Yangyang to explain the recruitment with justification. Human reason.

Luo Jiang provided more than 40 investment projects for Yangyang to choose, and finally Yu Yangyang selected five from them, and remarked the concluding remarks, frankly that these five projects are relatively high among many projects, but they still have no investment value. Because of these remarks, Luo Jiang changed her opinion a bit, and felt that he had not misunderstood the person.

Even if the trouble is temporarily relieved, Tian Mi is worried that Wan Baiqian will come back, so she decides to leave the rice cake shop and not cause trouble to the proprietress. When Chang Sheng and Li Meng hurried to the food court, unexpectedly Tian Mi had already left and was completely empty. After repeated hastily searching around, the two finally found Tian Mi on the roof of the Sweet Technology Company, almost thinking that she was going to commit suicide. Tian Mi was depressed for a long time, and finally broke out at this moment, squatting on the rooftop and crying bitterly.

Chang Sheng wants to help Tian Mi and takes her back to the Sunshine Community, hoping to discuss with his uncles and aunts to help. Tian Mi hopes to get back eight thousand yuan from her previous debts and first solve her basic living security. Lao Kang and Chang Sheng expressed their support, but the others are cold-blooded and ruthless. Tian Mi’s request did not pass the debt committee’s show of hands, so she could only leave sadly, dragging her luggage and continuing to wander, until the sky was dark and Changsheng found her in the square.

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