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Sweet Life 甜蜜 Episode 7 Recap

Tian Mi failed to apply for the job, wandering in the supermarket alone, and inadvertently saw a crab climbing hard, so she bought it back as a pet, named “Struggle”, as if she was struggling. The leftover dog admired Tian Mi’s unconventional spirit, and simply helped her search for ways to raise crabs and sent a box suitable for raising crabs.

Yu Yangyang failed to contact Panmeng Capital, so he planned to go abroad for vacation first, but received a call from a headhunting company. Originally, Yu Yangyang had already rejected Ouyang Peng before, but he didn’t expect that he would contact him again. Just as Yu Yangyang was about to lose his temper, he didn’t expect that the other party would actually invite her on behalf of Luo Jiang.

After arranging a meeting place, Yu Yangyang finally saw the rumored Luo Jiang. He was as described by the public media. He had a strong sense of time and ended the meeting in just three or two sentences. Respect, and at the same time farewell her who is about to leave. Yu Yangyang was so excited that he gave up the decision to go abroad on the spot and was ready to start work immediately.

The community square dance competition was held as scheduled. The Yangguangli community team unexpectedly won the championship. Cai Dongmei and others were proud of it. As Chang Sheng’s friend and publisher, Ge Ziquan planned to persuade him to write books and publish as a financial writer, but Chang Sheng was not interested, so he tactfully declined. When looking through Liu Deen’s entrepreneurial notes, Tian Mi accidentally found a very strange IOU, which showed that Liu Deen had borrowed 600,000 yuan from the mysterious creditor Hou Changli, which has not yet been repaid.

After repeated consideration, Tian Mi decided to take the initiative to contact Hou Changli, wanting to know the source of this IOU, Hou Changli temporarily cancelled the meeting because of the inconvenience, and then asked her to meet in a remote place. After Chang Sheng learned of this, he was worried that Tian Mi would be in danger, so he secretly followed behind, only to find that Hou Changli behaved strangely, not only took the evidence to tear it up on the spot, and even told Tian Mi to leave quickly.

The creditor Hu Chunli’s lover was seriously ill and was hospitalized and urgently needed surgery. The debt committee called Tian Mi to hold an emergency meeting. Tian Mi couldn’t bear it, and promised in front of everyone that she would pool the money in three days. Chang Sheng was a little worried when he heard Tian Mi’s praise so much, but Tian Mi had already made up her mind that she would buy the diamond ring she had kept for many years.

Lao Kang voluntarily ran to Cai Dongmei, claiming that Tian Mi would not be able to collect the surgery fee in a short time, so he asked her to help her find a way. Chang Zilong believes that Lao Kang has more money than other people in the community and he should solve Hu Chunli’s plight. Just when Lao Kang was planning to pay for it out of pocket, Tian Mi had already paid 200,000 yuan to Changsheng’s account, Changsheng. Secretly admired Tian Mi’s responsibility.

Since Chang Sheng’s divorce, Cai Dongmei has gone to cook for her son every three days. Especially when she learned that her son had lost his job, she felt even more heavy. In the photo that Chang Sheng won the prize through Cai Dongmei’s dancing in the square dance, he accidentally saw Hou Changli in it, so he hurried to take it with his mobile phone and planned to investigate secretly. However, Hou Changli was already in jail because of economic problems, so he simply called to inform Tian Mi , Indicating that she does not need to repay this debt in the future.

Thousands of thousands of two subordinates followed Tian Mi for several days and recorded in detail Tian Mi’s recent travel movements. Knowing that Tian Mi had been to a pawn shop, Wan Baiqian immediately brought people to the house to ask for the account, and mocked the dog’s leftover name as funny, and even beat him up. In order to protect the leftover dog, Tian Mi and Li Meng froze thousands of people away, and had to fight with them.

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