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Sweet Life 甜蜜 Episode 11 Recap

Tian Mi went to the car 4S shop where Li Meng was for an interview, and his remarks unexpectedly moved the car manager and hired Tian Mi. Tian Mi was excited and wept. Tian Mi entered the car 4S shop and became colleagues with Li Meng. They worked extremely hard and hoped to make money and pay off their debts as soon as possible. The members of the Debt Committee actively made suggestions, hoping that Tian Mi could sell more cars and make more money so as to pay off the debts owed to everyone as soon as possible.

Kang Ge was the most active. He paid out a large number of car sales flyers and sent out everybody. Tian Mi and Changsheng bet that they could recite all the sales materials overnight, but Tian Mi actually won. Changsheng was both surprised and admired Tian Mi Determination of perseverance. When Yu Yangyang learned that Tian Mi had moved into her and Chang Sheng’s former home, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Ge Zi asked Chang Sheng again about the publication of the book and encouraged Chang Sheng to start a self-media business. Chang Sheng had no plans to do so. Chang Sheng suddenly got a good interview opportunity, but learned that the interview was recommended by Yu Yangyang.

When Luo Jiang saw Yu Yangyang, it showed that he was only given five minutes to talk to others, which made him seem particularly arrogant. Yu Yangyang could only increase his worth and accept this time. Luo Jiang said a word to Yu Yangyang and asked Yu Yangyang to come back from vacation and contact him again. This made Yu Yangyang couldn’t help but ask Luo Jiang why she didn’t ask her if she was willing to join Pan Dream Capital. Luo Jiang showed that he knew. Yu Yangyang wants to join. He will come to meet Yu Yangyang today to show his respect for Yangyang and to send off Yu Yangyang, who is on vacation.

Tian Mi found an IOU in Liu Deen’s notebook. It was an IOU that Liu Deen had borrowed from a person named Hou Changli for 600,000 yuan, but she didn’t know who this Hou Changli was, and she didn’t receive any reminders from him. The debt call made her very curious. Li Meng asked Tian Mi to ignore Hou Changli, but Tian Mi was still curious, so she took the initiative to call Hou Changli.

Hou Changli received a call from Tian Mi and asked Tian Mi to go to a remote place to meet and chat. Chang Sheng also called at this time and asked Tian Mi to attend a meeting of the creditor committee. There was a conflict in time. Tian Mi was going to see Hou Changli, so she refused to attend the meeting. When Chang Sheng forced her to attend, she forced Chang Sheng to change the time of the meeting. Chang Sheng worried that Tian Mi would be dangerous in such a remote place. Quietly followed Tian Mi.

Hou Changli found a rooftop where no one went to see Tian Mi, asked Tian Mi to show him the IOU, and then tore it straight away so that Tian Mi would not care about the debt. Chang Sheng followed Tian Mi and photographed the whole process of Hou Changli tearing up the IOU. Only when Tian Mi left did he tell Tian Mi that he was following Tian Mi for Tian Mi’s safety, so Tian Mi don’t mind. , And at the same time let Tian Mi ask for videos from him when she needs it.

Tian Mi followed Chang Sheng to the meeting of the creditor committee and learned that Aunt Hu’s husband was in urgent need of surgery fees, which made her unbearable, so she would try to raise money in front of everyone and pay Aunt Hu’s money first. Tian Mi asked everyone to give her three days, and she figured out how to raise 300,000 to return Aunt Hu.

Even if she couldn’t raise 300,000, she would first collect the surgery fee. Hearing Tian Mi’s boasting, Chang Sheng was very worried for Tian Mi, but Tian Mi already had an idea. She wanted to use her wedding diamond ring to raise the money.

Tian Mi took the diamond ring and raised 200,000 yuan, and immediately transferred the money to Changsheng’s account, and asked Changsheng to hand it over to Aunt Hu to make up the surgery fee. Brother Kang ran to Cai Dongmei, explaining that it was not easy for Tian Mi to collect the money for the surgery in such a short time, so she asked Cai Dongmei to help figure out a solution, because Aunt Hu couldn’t wait for her surgery. Cai Dongmei didn’t know how to help Aunt Hu, so she could only follow everyone and try to collect a little money for Aunt Hu first.

Cai Dongmei was worried that Changsheng would not be able to eat three meals after the divorce, so she went to help Changsheng with food. She didn’t expect Changsheng to be at home, and she knew that Changsheng had left. Chang Sheng divorced and resigned. Cai Dongmei was very worried. She could only help Chang Sheng to make his favorite fried rice cakes for three days.

Chang Sheng accidentally discovered that there was Hou Changli in the photo where Cai Dongmei won the square dance. this person. Chang Sheng took a photo and checked Hou Changli for Tian Mi, only to find out that Hou Changli was already in jail because of his financial problems. He immediately called Tian Mi to inform that she didn’t need to pay back the money.

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