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Sweet Life 甜蜜 Episode 10 Recap

Hundreds of thousands secretly investigated the details of Chang Sheng, and learned of the existence of the debt committee of the Yangguangli community, which was very curious. As a result, thousands of people came to the door to forcefully request to join the debt committee, and Chang Sheng planned to recruit thousands of people to join the debt committee, and used the rules and regulations of the debt committee to restrain hundreds of thousands of debt collection activities.

Tian Mi accidentally applied for a fraud company and was hired on the spot. Before he could be happy, the police broke into the house and took the people from the fraud company and Tian Mi back to the Public Security Bureau.

Tian Mi suddenly lost contact for nearly a day, Chang Sheng Li Meng and the members of the Debt Committee were very anxious, boasting that there were no people he could not find, and they were helpless at this moment. Chang Sheng and Wan Baiqian went to the Public Security Bureau to report to the police, but they met Tian Mi who had just been released. Chang Sheng was angry and funny when he learned the reason.

Tian Mi’s parents encouraged Tian Mi to look forward, and then the old couple left Ningcheng and returned to Chongqing. After Tian Mi’s parents returned to Chongqing, they immediately contacted an intermediary to sell the house to collect money for Tian Mi’s debt. Tian Mi failed to apply everywhere. Tian Mi was eager to make money. On her way home from the interview, she ran into a restaurant holding a perverted spicy challenge.

Despite the extreme challenge of the human body, Tian Mi successfully won a prize of two thousand yuan. Unexpectedly, she was sent to the hospital for acute gastroenteritis that night, making Chang Sheng dumbfounded. Thousands of thousands secretly investigated the details of Chang Sheng and learned of the existence of the debt committee of the Yangguangli community, which was very curious.

Chang Sheng felt a little disappointed when he saw that there was no one at home. He sighed, and then called home to let the elderly feel relieved. Cai Dongmei asked Chang Sheng with concern if she wanted her to do something to help him and Yu Yangyang. Chang Sheng felt a little sad when he heard his mother’s words. He only lost and told his mother that he wanted to eat the fried rice cakes made by his mother.

Zhao Kang asked Matissa why she didn’t go home and care about her children, so Matissa showed Zhao Kang the surveillance video and asked if Zhao Kang wanted to take advantage of Tian Mi or Tian Mi asked him. Zhao Kang was very angry that Matissa was watching him. He jumped up and yelled at Matissa, and then asked Matissa to tell him the truth, otherwise he would let Matissa disappear immediately. Zhao Kang asked Matissa to make conditions, and if the conditions were reasonable, he could let Matissa leave his life.

Tian Mi returned home early in the morning, and according to Li Meng’s request, gave the dog left one hundred yuan, but he did not expect that the dog left would have to let her go to the public area to talk. The dog left out a stack of rental agreements and asked Tian Mi to sign the contract, otherwise she would have to leave the house immediately. Tian Mi hadn’t thought about it. She simply rented a room and was so troubled by the dog’s leftovers that she had to sign such a large contract, which made her feel at a loss.

When Chang Sheng returned home, Cai Dongmei and Chang Zilong were busy asking about them, and he could only honestly explain that he and Yu Yangyang had agreed to divorce, but their parents still couldn’t accept it. Cai Dongmei directly asked Chang Sheng whether he did something that was sorry to Yu Yangyang or Yu Yangyang did something that was sorry to him. This made Chang Sheng not know how to answer. He could only explain that he and Yu Yangyang can be good friends, but they can’t. Become a couple.

Cai Dongmei didn’t know how to accept her son’s divorce. She could only call Yu Yangyang and wanted to help Chang Sheng speak a good word with Yu Yangyang, but she didn’t expect that Yu Yangyang would not answer the phone. WeChat also blocked her. What is she? Can’t do it either. Chang Sheng called Jay Chou, but learned that Jay Chou had passed away. He felt very sorry. He wanted to attend Jay Chou’s memorial service. Unexpectedly, Shili Zhou refused because Jay Chou asked not to hold the memorial service. .

Yu Yangyang went to Zhou Shili, explaining that she would not want her to trade with Zhou Shili for 10 million, because this money would harm her herself, and she hoped that Zhou Shili would do it for herself. Chang Sheng thought for a whole night, and finally made a decision to go to Mr. Chen to submit a letter of resignation.

Once he could not engage in trust and wealth management industries within five years of his resignation, he would disappear from this industry as soon as he left, but he still Insist on doing this. After Yu Yangyang learned of Changsheng’s resignation, he asked Changsheng to come out for a drink, which was regarded as a real confession for their past.

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