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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 15 Recap

After Ning Yi became a teacher of Lu Hongti, he wanted to learn martial arts from her. Who knows that Lu Hongti disappeared after showing it once. He didn’t see anything clearly, but Lu Hongti was gone, and he was helpless. Su Tan’er’s mother became the wife of the first richest man in Jiangning. She should have been ill-fated, but her friends used their children to suppress her. She suddenly lost her arrogance. She also hoped that Su Tan’er would give birth to a granddaughter or grandson.

Su Tan’er’s mother approached her daughter to complain, and accidentally discovered that her room and penthouse had been opened up. Su Tan’er was also very embarrassed. It was not her job to have a baby. If Ning Yi was unwilling, she had nothing to do. Su’s mother immediately ordered Xiaochan to tear down Ning Yi’s penthouse. When Ning Yi had nowhere to go, he naturally moved to the master bedroom. Xiaochan saw that her lady had no objection, and immediately climbed to the penthouse. Get started.

When Geng Huyuan sent books to Ning Yi, he saw the house full of mess. He didn’t know that Su Tan’er and the others planned to restore the penthouse to its original state and left with satisfaction. Xiaochan dismantled it several times and Ning Yi could repair it several times. Geng Hu Yuan was loyal, and the more he thought about it, the more afraid he became. He quickly told Ning Yi that when they came back that day, the roof of the penthouse had a hole, and Ning Yi also had to trust Geng Hu. As for the courtyard, Genghu courtyard hurried to find a ladder to repair the roof.

Su Tan’er didn’t expect this to happen either. She thought that Ning Yi persistently didn’t want to make things happen with her. Su Tan’er heard the saying that things were dry and dry, and suddenly had an idea, so she acted on her own. Ning Yi learned a lot about the secret book Lu Hong mentioned to Ning Yi, but when she came to her, Ning Yi was nothing. Ning Yi saw that Lu Hong mentioned the book and knew that she also had her own mission. He would not stop Lu Hongti from hurting his family and friends.

Lu Hongti explained to him for the first time that everything she did was to help justice and eliminate harm. If Yasukuni becomes bigger, she will inevitably go south, and Jiangning will most likely face war at that time. Ning Yi listened. Lu Hong mentioned something to express his agreement with her. When Ning Yi returned home, he found Su Tan’er’s whereabouts weird.

Geng Nursing House was taking a peek, so he watched Su Tan’er’s actions together. Su Tan’er threw away all the fire-fighting things, and set fire to the penthouse. See When the fire was almost there, he started calling for people to put out the fire. Ning Yi held the Geng Nursing Hospital and asked him to put out the fire later.

Su Tan’er had been prepared for a long time, and had put away all Ning Yi’s things. When this moment arrived, Ning Yi finally agreed to sleep in Su Tan’er’s room, seeing everyone heading for him. At night when they were about to go to bed, Su Tan’er also prepared tiger wine. She took the initiative to attack, and she was about to pounce on Ning Yi. A group of people outside the door stared at their room, hoping that they would complete the room as soon as possible. The next day Ning Yi planned Take Su Tan’er to the honeymoon.

At the same time, in the Wudu Qin Mansion, Qin Youxiang called the two most capable generals of the Wu Dynasty to prepare to attack Yasukuni. But in Wuduhe’s mansion, the Taishi had a gloomy face, as if he wanted to destroy Qin Youxiang’s plan to lead troops to attack north. After Ning Yi decided to spend his honeymoon with Su Tan’er, he told all his friends, but Xiaochan and Genghuyuan also took the initiative to ask Ying to take care of Ning Yi and Su Tan’er. Xiaochan can take care of the young lady, and Genghuyuan is actually a hidden talented tour guide. Ning Yi suddenly admires him and must bring two of them.

Ning Yi and Su Tan’er were about to go out, but Su’s mother prepared a lot for them, and those who didn’t know thought they were going to escape. Just when they were about to leave, the second room showed up and stopped them.

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