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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 14 Recap

Wu Qihao was suddenly so sure that someone could come up with this large sum of money, and everyone put the sight of hope on him. Ning Yi and Su Tan’er discussed making a waterproof garment. After making it, let Geng Nursing Institute put it on for experimentation.

The effect of the clothes was quite good. Su Tan’er was pleasantly surprised. I wanted Ning Yi to introduce it to herself. Paint, Su Wenxing suddenly appeared in front of them. Su Wenxing had a rare tone of discussion. He wanted to start with Su Tan’er. Who knows that Su Tan’er and Ning Yi are already out there, as if they were airy.

Ning Yi gave Su Wenxing a chance to speak, but he would not give Su Wenxing the money. Instead, he wanted Wu Qihao to beg him and went to the back room with Su Tan’er. The two of them sent Su Wenxing away. The young couple could talk, but Ning Yi ran away shyly. The people who came to Wushi to collect debts became more and more fierce, and they directly broke into the Wushi cloth shop. Even Su Wenxing, who came to find Wu Qihao, was blocked. Those who asked for money rushed in and grabbed the cloth from Wushi cloth shop. , Su Wenxing also took advantage of the chaos to escape.

Wu Qihao sat in despair in the fiasco of Wu’s cloth shop. Outsiders pointed and walked into the cloth shop. Master Wu staggered into the cloth shop. He couldn’t help but blush when he saw this sight. Master Wu understood Ning Yi’s approach. Forcing Wu Qihao to bow to Ning Yi. Wu Qihao originally refused, but seeing his father’s body a little overwhelming, his father made all his plans for him, but now he did ruin his father’s painstaking efforts, Wu Qihao was finally shaken.

After Ning Yi asked Su Tan’er to communicate the manufacture of the tarpaulin, Wu Qihao came to see him. Ning Yi came to them alone. Su Wenxing anxiously asked Wu Qihao to do something, just when Ning Yi was about to leave. , Wu Qihao finally stopped him. Wu Qihao knelt down and as Ning Yi expected, he insulted Su Tan’er, beat and scolded his brothers, Ning Yi let them go bankrupt was only a small punishment, Wu Qihao finally bowed to Ning Yi for the Wu family. Even so, Ning Yi was only willing to pay 10% of the price to buy all the silk. No matter what Wu Qihao asked, he was unwilling to regress. After a strong ideological struggle, Wu Qihao finally accepted this request.

Wu Qihao was curious about how Ning Yi bankrupted his family. Ning Yi also generously informed that Ning Yi used futures to short Wujia and used the cash in the preserved egg business circle to ask Zhuji to collect people’s data, just to pave the way. He started to innovate the cloth industry only after Butengong. Wu Qihao didn’t expect that Ning Yi could play such a big game of chess. In the end, he was completely defeated. Although there might still be Suibu, Wu Qihao couldn’t wait. Wu Qihao could only sign and draw. Before Wu Qihao left, Ning Yi took out the joining manual of Su’s cloth line. After Wu Qihao changed his normal, he actually accepted his kindness and left the Su family in despair.

The business of Su’s cloth shop is booming, and the business of Zhuji is getting better and better. The Su family has gradually become the richest man in Jiangning. After the Su family has settled the accounts, he praises Su Tan’er and Ning Yi extremely, affirming their talents, and returning Decided to open a porridge shop to help the world.

From then on, no one would have any more opinions on the woman holding the seal, and the second room of the Su clan finally stopped refuting it. After experiencing this, the elder finally dared to face Su Tan’er. He plucked up his courage to stretch out his hand and patted Su Tan’er on the head. This was the only change he had since Ning Yi gave him the book. Su Tan’er is also very happy to improve the relationship with her father.

Only after the Su family became the richest man could they care for the people. The people in Jiangning were full of praise for the Su family. Ning Yi and Su Tan’er were discussing eating hot pot on their way home. They actually met the shopkeeper Xi who hadn’t seen him for a long time. The visitor was not good. Ning Yi pushed Su Tan’er away alertly. Several men in black behind him besieged him. The shopkeeper hijacked Su Taner and threatened Ning Yi.

In order to prevent Su Tan’er from being injured, Ning Yi was almost killed. At this moment, a hidden weapon appeared and injured the black-clothed man. Ning Yi took the opportunity to take the opportunity to cure the fire bludgeon and fired and scared away the shopkeeper Xi. people. Lu Hongti rescued Ning Yi in the dark. After asking him out, he planned to start teaching him martial arts, telling Ning Yi her name for the first time.

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