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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 13 Recap

Qin Youxiang had already prepared the fighting power for the Wu Dynasty. Just waiting for this day to come, Liang Shangshu learned the news and hurried to discuss the matter with the Taishi. The Suibu matter must be given up. A play made by the Taishi. The imperial court stopped donating tributes, and news of sending troops to the north soon reached Jiangning. Upon receiving the news, Wu Mansion was panicked. They suffered heavy losses, and Wu Qihao and his father were shocked.

The plan of Ning Yi and Su Tan’er took effect successfully. The two will become the most powerful businessmen in Jiangning. Ning Yi walked out of Su’s cloth shop alone. He took out a firework and gave orders to the brothers selling preserved eggs. Everyone saw the fireworks immediately. Stopped the work in hand. Under the gaze of people, the preserved egg stalls were reorganized and instantly turned into Su’s cloth stalls. Ning Yi established an online cloth selection and offline delivery activities. People everywhere flocked to Su Business is booming in Shibuhang.

Su’s cloth business re-emerged in this way. Ning Yi and Su Tan’er also named it Suning Yigou. When Wu Qihao heard the news, Suning Yigoo’s business was already in full swing. Wu Shi Buhang was also facing catastrophe. Suppliers came to collect debts, but Wu Shi could not spend such a large sum of money. Seeing this scene, Wu Qihao and his father could only avoid them. Meet, take the long view. Wu Qihao is now in Pingyang, but the money owed by the bank has not been repaid. The bank has limited him to repay the money within three days. Wu Qihao can only grit his teeth and agree.

Ning Yi also launched the “Guess what the king likes” activity. According to the member data, he analyzed the preferences of the guests. He also designed a praise card to receive feedback from the guests. Nie Yunzhu explained the process to the folks at Zhuji. Everyone With enthusiasm and business getting better and better, the loom built by Ning Yi finally came in handy. Su’s cloth shop’s business is getting better and better. Several other cloth shops accused Ning Yi of breaking the rules and getting into the cloth shop. Ning Yi had been prepared long ago and prepared a franchise manual for them. Boss Xue came to Su’s cloth shop and just saw everyone reading the franchise manual. After reading it, everyone was full of praise, and he joined their alliance without much hesitation.

Wu Qihao and his son had no other choice but to go to Song Duwei for help. In this situation, Song Duwei was anxious to change his direction with them. He didn’t even want to drink tea with them. Wu Qi’s heroic spirit became frustrated. Having promised Song Duwei 50% profit, Song Duwei turned his face and refused to recognize him. Wu Qihao’s father hated iron but not steel, and his son didn’t realize the importance of Song Duwei to them. If the court needs the cloth again, then Song Xian is their only chance to come back. The shopkeeper Xi still wanted to show his loyalty to Wu Qihao, but now Wu Qihao was too busy to take care of himself and directly blasted him away.

Song Xian came to the Xinmen Art Museum wearing joy and luck. He insisted on marrying Yuan Jin’er. Yuan Jin’er was stronger than his mother’s deed of deeds. He wanted to jump into the river to commit suicide. He would rather die than surrender, but Song Xian did not intend to let him go. Children are his people for life and death. On this side, Yuan Jin’er actually swam to the vicinity of Nie Yunzhu’s house. Nie Yunzhu and Ning Yi were not surprised at her appearance. All of this was as if they had arranged it. In fact, the people at Xinmen Art Museum knew that Yuan Jin’er would have water. But none of them reported Yuan Jiner.

Yuan Jin’er was not found. Mother Yang and the officers and soldiers didn’t know how to find Lord Song. Wu Qihao sent him to the door. He went straight into Song Xian’s room. Song Xian didn’t react at all. Wu Qihao approached slowly. The moment the fire started, it was discovered that Song Xian had already died. Lu Hongti hid in the preserved egg cart. Ning Yi seemed to have calculated her plan and took the initiative to send her out of the city. Lu Hongti thanked him for his help and promised to accept him as a disciple.

When he got home, Su Tan’er was waiting for him at the door, so he left his friend Li Pin and entered the mansion with Su Tan’er. Yuan Jin’er left the Xinmen Art Gallery and went to Nie Yunzhu. She wanted to be like Nie Yunzhu, to be on her own. The Wu family on the other side has not made any money recently. Wu’s father intends to offset a few cloth shops and go to the bank to borrow money. He didn’t know that his cloth shop had been mortgaged by Wu Qihao. Wu Qihao heard this guiltyly telling what he had done. When he lost his father, Wu’s father was so angry that he wanted to beat him.

The second room of the Su clan also heard about Sui Bu Tinggong. The father and son hurriedly came to Wu Mansion and saw this scene. They were no worse than the Wu family. If they could not be restored, they would go bankrupt overnight. At this time, Wu Qihao was. Thinking of a person, everyone’s eyes are on him.

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