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Master In The House (少年可期)

Youth can be expected (少年可期) or Master In The House (少年可期)

Genre: Reality Show
Release Date: 
March 29, 2019
Related Show:

Stars: Zhu Zhengting / Bi Wenjun / Huang Xinchun / Ding Zeren / Fan Chengcheng / Li Quanzhe / Huang Minghao Minghao Huang / Yang Di Di Yang / Tengger / Zheng Xiuwen / Cai Guoqing / Xiao Jingteng


Youth Can Expect” is Mango TV’s first reality show on the exploration and experience of mentoring and apprenticeship relationships. “Youth Can Expect” gathers seven teenagers to visit six big names in the music industry one by one. Through living together with Master for three days and two nights, they answer their inner doubts and gain youthful insights.

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