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Hush 허쉬 Episode 9 Recap

When the news broke out on the request list at the beginning, it was Minister Yoon’s matchmaking. After the president and Gao Zhuo agreed to the result, and finally interpreted as a false report, not only would it be exempt from legal sanctions, but it would also benefit public opinion. In addition, it also made Daily Korea and Gao Zhudao successfully involved in the relationship, and since then they have been embarrassed.

All negative impacts are borne by the daily South Korea, but it has not been substantially harmed. In Luo Sung-won’s eyes, no one in Daily Korea is affected and can create benefits for Daily Korea. Using the news to distort the facts and complete the loss of other people and their lives at the expense of this is something Han Junhyuk cannot bear.

The truth is complete with only one piece of the puzzle. At that time, Han Jun Hyuk will write a report in his own name, which is also a prerequisite for his resignation. Luo Sung-won doesn’t care how Han Jun-hyuk deals with Minister Yoon, but this incident is bound to affect the president, and this is something he cannot tolerate.

There are always more gray areas in the world, but there will also be people who insist on being an enemy of the world. Han Jun Hyuk’s father was fired because of the struggle and even admitted to the hospital. The burden of the family did not allow Han Junhyuk to lose his job, but when he returned to the company exhausted, he discovered that someone secretly left him an audio, which shocked Han Junhyuk.

When Han Junhyuk was chatting with his police friend, he suddenly learned from the other party that he had investigated the son of a certain congressman and was also the nephew of the daily South Korean president. But as far as Han Jun-hyuk knows, the president’s nephew is a daughter and not a son, but it is indeed a woman who hits the signal, and she doesn’t speak Korean very much. The guardian is also a reporter from Daily Korea.

According to news reports, after the son of the daily South Korean president died in an accident in the United States, he has always regarded his niece Park Sung-hee as his daughter. Looking back on everything in the past, Han Jun-hyuk suddenly understood everything that the child who had joined the political family might be Park Sung-hee, the niece of the daily South Korean president.

The smoother things go, the more pressure on Han Junhyuk will be. Whether it is his father who needs to be hospitalized or the monthly support payments that must not be delayed, all the places where money is needed are pressing Han Junhyuk like a mountain. What is worthy of comfort is that when Han Jun Hyuk seemed to be confused, his father’s support was like a beacon, illuminating the way forward for him and becoming brave.

At noon the next day, Han Junhyuk invited Luo Chengyuan for lunch and told him the truth he found without reservation. It turns out that from the beginning to the end, it was not the disciplinary violation of Jinyan’s enterprise recruitment, but the daily violation of disciplinary rules in South Korea. Hong Kyutae, son of the representative of the Democratic Party of Korea, Hong Sungdae, is a daily Korean trainee reporter, and the future niece of the president, and maybe the future president.

On the surface, Hong Gyutae, a person who doesn’t understand anything, enters Daily Korea, and it seems that it has nothing to do with Oh Soo-yeon’s death. But once the truth is exposed, not only will daily Korea’s reputation be affected, but it will also involve daily Korean recruitment violations.

Luo Sung-won originally thought that Han Junhyuk was determined to expose the truth, and even used a group of interns who entered Korea with Hong Gyutae as a danger. He hoped that he could worry about the trust of these interns in the future. However, Han Jun Hyuk did not intend to expose the truth, but hoped that he could also go up to the 15th floor to see the scenery.

Han Jun Hyuk took the pose Luo Chengyuan once said, a pose that the two of them will not discard each other. The message Han Junhyuk gave to Luo Chengyuan at this moment couldn’t be more obvious. He hoped that he could be promoted and could go directly to the upper floors of the 15th floor.

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