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Hush 허쉬 Episode 8 Recap

The editorial office and stairway monitoring on the day of Wu Soo-yeon’s death were taken away by the president. According to the security personnel, the president’s office had a safe, and all others and daily Korean secrets were blocked. With the assistance of Luo Sung-won, the president succeeded in getting Daily Korea out of trouble, and Minister Yoon took over all the matters alone, seeming to want to abandon the car to protect the handsome.

After Liang’s birthday, Mr. Liang began to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her daughter. Such an excellent daughter gave her no more worries. Vice Minister Liang took the initiative to talk to Minister Yin, and received the benefits from the other party first and was willing to pay for Ruizhen’s education.

Not only Deputy Chief Liang, but even Kim Ki Ha was threatened secretly by Minister Yoon, and only Han Jun Hyuk and Lee Ji Soo, who were alone, persisted unaffected. Since the truth could not be dug up on Gao Zhudao, Han Jun Hyuk set his target on Gao Youbian, who is currently in jail.

With the help of a friend, Han Jun Hyuk got a recording about Gao Zhudao’s stumbling with his relatives. This really made Gao Youbian feel loose, but it would not tell the truth. However, Gao Youbian didn’t mind suggesting that Han Junhyuk reminded Han Junhyuk that it is a daily Korean method to help each other at the top. It’s just that Han Junhyuk doesn’t know the meaning of this sentence.

Deputy Chief Zheng took the initiative to ask Yan Chenghan to drink. Their relationship has always been very good, and Yan Chenghan is not so reckless on the surface. The meal was not without gain. Although it is not known whether everything was deliberately designed by the president, the person in charge of the site construction was Minister Yin, but he was on a one-month long vacation and had sufficient alibi.

After many years, Yan Chenghan drank with Deputy Chief Zheng again, which made him think of the happy days of drinking together in the past. Although Yan Chenghan still looks down on Deputy Chief Zheng, his reminder has fully demonstrated that he cherishes this feeling.

Minister Yin noticed the fact of being isolated, and he did not hesitate to kneel to Luo Chengyuan, hoping that there was room for recovery. In Luo Chengyuan’s eyes, Minister Yin is a person who can neither do big things nor cause big things. The president completely handed Minister Yin to Luo Chengyuan’s hands, and the result was just a sentence.

When he went to work the next day, Han Jun-hyuk suddenly remembered an important event. After searching, he found out that the Korean group Park Hee-joon represented the eldest daughter Park Sung-hee and returned home for marriage. Park Sung-hee’s marriage partner is a child of a political family. After searching for information about Ko Soo’s son, things seem to become clearer.

The truth is like a jigsaw puzzle, some of the details are not yet complete. Han Jun Hyuk proposes that Mian Sheng himself and Li Ji-soo, pretending to be Minister Yin’s subordinates, go to meet Gao Zhudao. Li Jixiu was obviously still a little nervous, but he managed to gain Gao Youchang’s trust during the conversation. The tens of thousands of won in the tea cup is the most favorable evidence.

When Lee Ji-soo took the bribe to take a photo, Gao Soo realized that they were not the people sent by Minister Yoon at all. The goal has been achieved, Han Jun Hyuk does not intend to pretend anymore, just sticking to the end means that it is likely to lose his job, but how can this be the reason for Li Jixiu to give up.

At the same time, after Deputy Chief Liang was angry because they suspected Minister Yoon, Han Jun Hyuk did not tell her about this action, but Kim Ki Ha still secretly contacted Deputy Chief Liang. Although there is no complete evidence, Deputy Chief Liang also understands that this is the case. During the questioning, Minister Yin no longer tabooed to deceive, and only the thought of climbing up was no longer hidden in his mind. Deputy Chief Liang finally gave up the benefits that Minister Yin gave her.

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