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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 46 Recap

Zhang Xiaoyu walked on the road in despair, and Lin Rui’s words echoed in her ears. She could not throw out the two seemingly iron evidences, photos and recordings. She knew Lin Rui too much, and she had never dared to make them. Dare to be. Zhang Xiaoyu realized that the people who laid out were not only targeting her and Fang Jing, but also Lin Rui. Zhang Xiaoyu hurriedly returned to the company to take the courier back, but was told that it had been sent for more than two hours and the plane had already taken off.

In desperation, Zhang Xiaoyu went to see Lin Rui again and said that the reason she said those words was because she had evidence in her hands. She sent the evidence to the Japanese headquarters, but she was wrong. The real black hand was the secret photo. The person who sent the document to her. Lin Rui was a little relieved, but fortunately Zhang Xiaoyu was not stupid to the end. Zhang Xiaoyu allowed Lin Rui to prepare. L&D might initiate a lawsuit.

Thank you for bringing the press conference one day earlier. Zhang Xiaoyu knew very well that what Lin Rui said was nailed by word. Lin Rui also knows Zhang Xiaoyu very well. In order to thank her for her trust, he told her that it was a fake Li Kesi who came to her and said that he could provide some personal numbers of international supermodels. The photos were also taken at that time.

After Zhang Xiaoyu left, she received a call from the front desk of the company, saying that the courier she asked her to send was not sent because it was accidentally left. Zhang Xiaoyu breathed a sigh of relief, and Fang Jing believed what Lin Rui had said. Zhang Xiaoyu insisted on finding the person who really framed Fang Jing. In fact, he didn’t need to investigate to know who did it. After all, Fang Jing was the biggest beneficiary after leaving Selena. Selena dug Fang Jing over to fight Lin Rui, but now she was attacked because of threatening her position. Fang Jing saw clearly that Selena could not harm Lin Rui, but wanted to harm Zhang Xiaoyu.

Dante gave Wen Zhe a card, and money will continue to come in. Dante knew that Zhang Xiaoyu and Wen Zhe weren’t really together, but it didn’t mean that Zhang Xiaoyu would want him. Dante hurt Zhang Xiaoyu very deeply and he understood. Dante will return to Beijing in a few days. Wen Zhe said that he wanted to develop his own engine and asked him if he was interested. Dante agreed.

Fang Jing resigned. She was tired and didn’t want to fight like this anymore. She was going to find what she really liked. Zhang Xiaoyu ran to Selena’s office and took out the photos and recordings, saying that she must show evidence to bring down Selena. Selena is so proud that it is not easy to bring her down. Zhang Xiaoyu was very handsome and slapped her resignation letter on the table, it was she who fired Selena! Fang Jing no longer intends to participate in the harassment in the workplace. She has done too many wrong things before, and she is sorry for those who hurt. Selena will also be punished. For her daughter, she has to calm down.

Zhang Xiaoyu’s parents sold the house and asked her to pay back the company’s money. They planned to return to their hometown and rented a house to Zhang Xiaoyu. The industrial park in his hometown invited Zhang’s father to be a consultant, and Zhang’s father was very excited. Zhangfu said that it was thanks to Zhang Xiaoyu’s two friends that they found a moving company to send them back to Yiwu. Zhang Xiaoyu knew that one was Dong Xinran, but did not expect the other to be Ling Xiaoxiao. Both Ling Xiaoxiao and Dong Xinran persuaded Zhang Xiaoyu to give Dante another chance, but Zhang Xiaoyu refused to answer.

Jin Xiaobei knows that Lin Rui wants to climb up, but Shu Wanting grew up in Hong Kong. Meng Fan is a Singaporean, and Lin Rui is the only one who is a native of the mainland. It is too difficult to get promoted. Jin Xiaobei hopes Lin Rui Can be happy. Lin Rui’s future does not want to depend on anyone, including Jin Xiaobei.

Lei Ya and Alan both came to Shanghai, and the two have to compete for the position of president, so tomorrow’s roadshow is very important, and Lin Rui confidently stated that she will win. Tan Weilun went to Ling Xiaoxiao, and Meng Fan asked him to come, but Tan Weilun also wanted Ling Xiaoxiao very much. Ling Xiaoxiao had done a lot of wrong things, in order to climb up, in order to prove himself. Going to the hospital made her very regretful.

From that day on, Ling Xiaoxiao vowed not to do anything she regretted, but Tan Weilun asked her to betray Lin Rui again. Tan Weilun quickly said that he just didn’t know what to do. He hoped to start again with Ling Xiaoxiao. Ling Xiaoxiao cried. It turned out that she was only for a routine check-up last time in the hospital, and their children were still there.

The next day, Daniel, Alan and Lei Ya came to the scene. Tan Weilun signed a contract with 30 internet celebrities. Lin Rui was very confident that the real traffic anchor did not do this. At the same time, Jin Xiaobei also started work. Lin Rui introduced his plan in front of the three presidents, saying that if one person is less than Tan Weilun’s total within ten minutes, he will give in.

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