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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 45 Recap

When Jin Xiaobei came to see Lin Rui and Ding Ding, Lin Rui was a little stunned. It turned out that Wen Zhe was talking about him. Jin Xiaobei went straight to the point and pointed out Dingding’s shortcomings and ignored Lin Rui’s blockade, and then asked for 51% of Dingding’s equity. The valuation was not high, but Jin Xiaobei said that what he could give Dingding was No one else can provide it. Jin Xiaobei had a conversation with Ding Ding while mixing, only he could solve all the problems Ding Ding faced. Ding Ding looked at Lin Rui and asked if Jin Xiaobei could fulfill all the promises. Lin Rui nodded and said yes, Jin Xiaobei and Ding Ding had successfully reached a cooperation.

Sending Ding Ding away, Lin Rui was sulking in the back. Jin Xiaobei drove away her driver and coaxed her. He also persuaded her to reconcile with Zhang Xiaoyu, but Lin Rui was still very angry. They clearly said that the public and private are separate .

Jin Xiaobei knew that Lin Rui was afraid of Golden Mother, and tried to persuade that Golden Mother was just spoiled. Lin Rui didn’t say a word, but insisted on the distinction between public and private. Jin Xiaobei’s patience was gradually worn away, turned around and drove a car and left, Lin Rui stood there in a daze.

Wen Zhe sent Zhang Xiaoyu home. He was very worried about Zhang Xiaoyu, but she did things well and hoped that Wen Zhe would stop pestering herself. Wen Zhe’s intentions are very obvious. Zhang Xiaoyu and Dante have broken up. In fact, they have never started, but Zhang Xiaoyu said that he has no feeling for him. Wen Zhe knelt on one knee and took out the diamond ring to propose to Zhang Xiaoyu.

This was specially made by him, and he only identified Zhang Xiaoyu as one person in his life. Zhang Xiaoyu was a little at a loss, she was only grateful to Wen Zhe. Zhang Xiaoyu went upstairs indifferently, Dante in the distance was relieved when he saw it, Wen Zhe put the ring away lonely.

Jin Xiaobei has been at home waiting for Lin Rui to return home. Lin Rui felt that his patience was about to run out, so he took the initiative to move out. Jin Xiaobei took her hand but was thrown away, trying to coax Lin Rui, but Lin Rui was a little broken. She said that she was under great pressure with Jin Xiaobei. Lin Rui turned around and was about to leave. Jin Xiaobei stopped her and refused to go. He couldn’t accept Lin Rui’s refusal to say a word to avoid the problem.

Jin Xiaobei asked Lin Rui again what he thought. Lin Rui still didn’t say a word. Jin Xiaobei left sadly. Seeing Jin Xiaobei get on the elevator, Lin Rui couldn’t help saying that she cares and loves Jin. Xiaobei, because of low self-esteem, he is afraid of Jin Xiaobei leaving him. Jin Xiaobei came back quickly and hugged Lin Rui who was crying.

Lin Rui handed Ling Xiaoxiao a secret plan, and asked her about life, Ling Xiaoxiao nodded. Zhang Xiaoyu won Li Kesi’s contract. Selena was very happy and quickly started a new plan. Zhang Xiaoyu was busy arranging a press conference outside. Fang Jing said Li Kesi would invite Master Carl to come and let her pay attention to the media.

Unexpectedly, something happened suddenly, Li Kesi couldn’t get in touch, and people disappeared. Zhang Xiaoyu hurriedly kept people on the scene, and then went to find people everywhere, but to no avail, until Zhang Xiaoyu saw a news about SW’s acquisition of Li Kesi. Zhang Xiaoyu couldn’t believe her eyes. Li Kesi on TV was not the person who signed the contract with her. Obviously, she fell into a well-designed trap. The voices of questioning came one after another, Zhang Xiaoyu’s heart was complicated.

Selena asked Fang Jing to resign, and Zhang Xiaoyu stepped forward and said that she was responsible for this matter and she was also the one who should be punished. Zhang Xiaoyu pulled Fang Jing to leave in a hurry, Fang Jing stopped and raised questions, Selena was very tough. Fang Jing said that the president talked to her a month ago and said that she was considering signing the Asia-Pacific region to Shanghai for her to serve as the president of the Asia-Pacific region and China.

She wanted to know that Selena did the trick. Zhang Xiaoyu had an epiphany, no wonder Fang Jing has been emphasizing slowing down. Zhang Xiaoyu received a courier with several photos and a fake recording of a conversation between Li Kesi and Lin Rui. Zhang Xiaoyu was so upset that he quickly asked people to check the authenticity of the photos. Zhang Xiaoyu told Fang Jing that things might turn around, when she received a call, the photo was real.

Zhang Xiaoyu asked to send the documents to the Japanese headquarters, and then met with Lin Rui. Zhang Xiaoyu still regards Lin Rui as a respectable person, but she did not expect that she designed herself. This is a commercial fraud! Zhang Xiaoyu has already found out all the process, and Lin Rui has made full use of Zhang Xiaoyu’s psychology. Lin Rui did not admit that Zhang Xiaoyu’s reasoning may be right, but the goal is wrong.

Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t believe it, and directly expressed that the mentorship between Lin Rui and Lin Rui had been cleared up, and the next meeting was the court. She can’t stand the traps and conspiracies. If Lin Rui wants to win, can’t she win upright? Lin Rui laughed, what right does Zhang Xiaoyu have to judge her morally. Ding Ding and Lin Rui disclosed the joint product of Zhang Xiaoyu and Li Kesi, so Zhang Xiaoyu’s reasoning was flawed. Lin Rui advanced the press conference one day in order to prevent her from embarrassing in public.

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