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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 44 Recap

The Ding Ding incident made Fang Jing feel very strange, saying that he had agreed to negotiate with Ding Ding. Octopus also made a joint design proposal. Fang Jing and Selena promised that the more difficult Octopus would be The more difficult it will be. Zhang Xiaoyu went to the event and learned about Li Kesi from several models. Ding Ding urged Lin Rui to implement the contract as soon as possible. Her financing was almost burned out, and Lin Rui could only agree to it.

Zhang Xiaoyu used a very old-fashioned trick, pretending that he accidentally spilled wine on Li Kesi and then took the opportunity to strike up a conversation. Li Kesi was not interested in L&DA at first, and he agreed to let her come under the soft and hard bubble. Own office. Tan Weilun went to Wen Zhe, and Wen Zhe thought he was too simple. Lin Rui also went to see Wen Zhe, saying that the storage needs to be delayed. Wen Zhe asked her to find Jin Xiaobei.

Rentai’s legal person is Jin Xiaobei, and Jin Xiaobei is in charge of storage. He is also the CEO of an investment company. Lin Rui said that he and Jin Xiaobei are in a serious relationship, so he hopes Wen Zhe can recommend some investors for him. Wen Zhe obviously admired Lin Rui and said that if she went out to do it alone in the future, he would definitely invest.

Lin Rui told Jin Xiaobei that she had made an appointment with Wen Zhe today to talk about work. Jin Xiaobei was a little jealous. She knew she had an investment company, so why did Lin Rui go to Wen Zhe. Lin Rui said that she has her own consideration. She has something she doesn’t want to lose now, so she has to distinguish between public and private. Jin Xiaobei inevitably thinks about it. He wants to spend the rest of his life with Lin Rui, instead of having a clear distinction between public and private.

The two are awkward. Dong Xinran and others have already withdrawn the application. Ling Xiaoxiao handled it beautifully. She came to Lin Rui to ask for a two-week annual hypothesis to deal with personal matters, but Lin Rui only gave her three days. Lin Rui feels that Ling Xiaoxiao has changed a lot now, if it weren’t for Tan Weilun, she could reuse it, which is a pity.

Ling Xiaoxiao ran to the toilet and vomited. He was obviously pregnant. Outside the door, Dong Xinran and Cai Cai were talking about the baby. Hearing how troublesome Cai Cai was in confinement and how much money he burned, Ling Xiaoxiao was very complicated. Fang Jing made an appointment with Ding Ding to talk and came up with a plan to invest in Ding Ding APP and a limited edition product. If Ding Ding is willing to Ding Ding will become the only cooperative e-commerce company, Ding Ding promised very happy.

Zhang Xiaoyu went to see Li Kesi as agreed but was told that he had something to do. Zhang Xiaoyu knew that he liked to drink, so he asked him to drink at night instead of talking about the contract. Dong Xinran ran into Ling Xiaoxiao in the hospital about to have a miscarriage. In fact, Ling Xiaoxiao really wanted the child, but she and Tan Weilun were already struggling to buy a house.

Besides, if she got married and had children, SW would still return after giving birth. Is there any place for her? Ling Xiaoxiao wanted to become a career elite like Lin Rui, she resolutely walked into the operating room and told Dong Xinran that she hadn’t seen it today.

Lin Rui said that the contract matters have to be put on hold. Ding Ding obviously can’t wait. Lin Rui can only call Wen Zhe, asking him to bring himself and Ding Ding to see an investor tonight. Jin Xiaobei keeps sprinting and begging Wen Zhe to take it. Go to see Lin Rui by yourself. Cai Cai is very worried about Lin Rui’s investment in Ding Dingla, but Lin Rui knows that Ding Ding has done what she should do. Even if it has nothing to do with her, she has to fulfill her promise.

Dong Xinran accompanied Ling Xiaoxiao after the operation and sent her home. She also warmed her up with red jujube black-bone chicken soup. She didn’t have a home in Shanghai and said that Ling Xiaoxiao could call her if she had something to do.

Ling Xiaoxiao did not tell Tan Weilun about the incident, saying that he had gone to Suzhou to attend the wedding, but did not expect that Tan Weilun was a little angry after seeing the medical records. Ling Xiaoxiao actually beat the child without discussing it with him. He would never forgive Ling Xiaoxiao! Dante asked Jin Xiaobei to come for a drink, saying that he was going back to Beijing, and asked Jin Xiaobei to help stare at Wen Zhe. If he dares to bully Zhang Xiaoyu, he must come back to clean him up! Jin Xiaobei couldn’t stand it anymore, and was anxious to see Lin Rui, only to tell him that Zhang Xiaoyu never let go of Dante.

After drinking, Zhang Xiaoyu and Li Kesi drove the drunk Li Kesi into the car and smirked at the contract in their hands. Zhang Xiaoyu was hit by someone, and Wen Zhe hurriedly appeared to help her. Lin Rui promised that she would invest in Ding Ding, but Ding Ding was still very angry. She did not expect SW to be so complicated. She also said that Fang Jing gave her a big investment order today. Lin Rui brought Jin Xiaobei to the appointment, and Lin Rui was a little stunned for a while.

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