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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 12 Recap

In order to increase promotion and publicity, Song Xiaofeng arranged a scene of the Ivory Mountain Hot Spring Resort Carnival, and joined the security bottle and Er Ya to act. First, let Er Ya put on half-price tickets and buffet, and then let the bottle deliberately grab the ticket in front of the camera. Song Xiaofeng pretended to be surprised, and hurriedly arranged to be taken off the shelves. Erya argued for reasons. In the end, the two broke up in front of the screen, so that fans thought they were taking advantage of it. The live broadcast effect was amazing.

Li Cheng found Song Xiaofeng’s marketing strategy very interesting, but Wang Musheng thought he was a lie in disguise, so he took Xiao Shuang back to the live broadcast room to study his own style. Wang Musheng wanted to imitate the style of eating and broadcasting, so he decided to cooperate with Xiao Shuang, one mainly chatting with fans, and the other in charge of eating.

Song Qinglian saw Song Xiaofeng through Erya’s live broadcast, so she found that he was deliberately distracting herself, simply wearing more revealing clothes to go to the hot springs. Song Xiaofeng didn’t want his daughter-in-law to show her thighs under the public, so he quickly brought her a bath towel and took her away, explaining the hot spring vacation by the way.

Because Wang Dana wanted to sell the dog farm, people came to inquire one after another. As a result, no matter who it was, they were blocked by Lightning and others in various ways. In the end, the dog farm was not sold. The first person to visit the dog farm was a nouveau riche.

Originally, he wanted to buy it for 200,000 yuan, but he didn’t expect that the price of Lightning would rise to two million yuan at a single price, and the family was scared to leave. The second is a couple. The man seems to love his wife very much, but he is also a bit lustful, so Lightning took advantage of his shortcomings and deliberately claimed that the dog farm is very good in Feng Shui and can bring a lot of luck to the man. The matter also completely fell through.

Because Song Qinglian was entangled in dog skin plasters, Song Xiaofeng couldn’t bear it and almost lost his temper, but rushed to hold back at the critical moment. Little did he know that his indulgence would only make Song Qinglian worse.

Li Daguo took the initiative to invite Ma Zhong to dinner and returned the previous 20,000 yuan to the other party. Although Li Daguo and Ma Zhong had some conflicts in the past, after experiencing this incident, the original grievances have been reduced a lot, and they have specially saved this drama to thank him. The two settled their suspicions and toasted each other a glass of wine.

Ma Zhong wondered if Li Daguo still loved Wang Xiangxiu, but to Li Daguo, Wang Xingxiu was like a family member, and was also Li Xiaoguo’s mother anyway, but the pure love between each other had completely disappeared. So Li Daguo supported Ma Zhong to go after Wang Xiangxiu with confidence and boldness. No matter what bastard things he had done before, he could just change it.

Zhao Yutian couldn’t see Liu Ying in the flower garden, and worried that she and Liu Hongxu had something to do, so he personally came to find her, secretly put the phone in the cabinet, and then hid in the grass outside the wall to peep until Liu Hongxu appeared. When Liu Hongxu saw Zhao Yutian hiding, he closed the curtains when he entered the house and found the cell phone in the cabinet. Zhao Yutian saw that the phone call was hung up, so he rushed in and asked him to understand.

Liu Ying didn’t want to explain to Zhao Yutian, turned and left, while Liu Hongxu hid the phone behind the sticker. Zhao Si heard that his son was okay, so he ran away in order to clear the suspicion. At the same time, Xie Guangkun personally built walls in the courtyard and lived in two separate lives. Old Xu couldn’t help teasing, but Xie Guangkun would laugh at his eyes for being too small. When Xie Yongqiang and Wang Xiaomeng came home from get off work to see this scene, they couldn’t help feeling that Xie Guangkun was a mason who was delayed by Shanhuo.

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