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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 11 Recap

Song Xiaofeng brought his daughter-in-law to a meeting, which caused Wang Musheng’s dissatisfaction. The main reason was the constant grievances between the two. Wang Musheng’s live broadcast was not as influential as Song Xiaofeng, so he was inevitably unbalanced. Seeing that he and Song Xiaofeng almost quarreled, Li Cheng and others stopped it in time to avoid a disturbance.

Nowadays, the development of Ivory Mountain is more objective. Because of the live broadcast, the number of visitors this month has tripled compared with the previous month. Therefore, the company decided to move the live broadcast to the next stage, arrange the anchor to be responsible for the goods, and vigorously promote the resort tickets and projects. Zhang Zhongwei knew that Song Xiaofeng and Wang Musheng were at odds, so he asked them to put away their personal grievances first. They are both cooperative partners and competitors. Apart from the spirit of hard work, they must never have open guns and secret arrows.

After the meeting, Song Qinglian still pestered Song Xiaofeng, even saying that she would follow him anytime in the next few days. Originally, Song Xiaofeng was going to live broadcast with Erya. Unexpectedly, Song Qinglian would leave Song Xiaofeng to coax her to sleep and tell her a story. Until the story was told countless times, Song Qinglian finally fell asleep, which gave him a chance to slip away.

Just as Song Xiaofeng and Erya were twisting the Yangko in front of the screen to cooperate in a tacit understanding, Song Qinglian came in from outside the door and was caught by her. Song Qinglian felt that they were intimate, so she turned and left angrily. Song Xiaofeng hurriedly chased them out, leaving Erya depressed.

Wang Xiaomeng came to the neighborhood committee and wanted to apply for approval of the homestead. Xie Guangkun was furious when he learned that his son and daughter-in-law went to see the house. Finally, with the persuasion of his wife, he could only agree to split the house and offered to build a wall in the courtyard. Divide into two separate lives. In fact, Wang Xiaomeng did not agree with Xie Guangkun’s proposal, but considering that her mother-in-law took the initiative to speak, she only temporarily agreed that she and Xie Yongqiang would take care of the three children.

When Liu Hongxu was practicing wrapping flowers, he accidentally got pricked by flower thorns. Zhao Yutian was very upset when he saw Liu Ying help Liu Hongxu to stab him, especially Liu Hongxu never called his brother-in-law, so he suspected that there was an affair between the two. When Zhao Si heard his son’s speculation, he thought that he was thinking too much, and his son’s temperament was clearer, so he firmly believed in Liu Ying’s character.

When Wang Dana heard about the kindergarten’s oolong incident, he personally called Liu to find out about it, and said that he should consider recruiting a knowledgeable kindergarten head again. Big Brain realized that his position was in danger, and he immediately assured Wang Da that there would never be any accidents. After hanging up the phone, he picked up his books and studied hard again.

Ever since Zhao Yutian has been to the flower garden, the whole person has followed suit, fearing that Liu Ying and Liu Hongxu will get too close, and accidents will easily happen. Even though Zhao Si felt that his son was careful and there was no need to beware of Liu Neng’s godson, he still could not persuade Zhao Yutian’s cranky thoughts, especially his temper was as stubborn as a donkey, so he had to figure it out.

Xie Guangkun made up his mind to build a wall to separate the house, and started construction the next morning, trying to challenge Xie Yongqiang in this way. Song Qinglian took a few days off, and followed Song Xiaofeng out to work every day, keeping her eyes on her every step of the way. Song Xiaofeng planned to hold a pool party before, but now it has been done, and only the next arrangements are needed. Bottle specially came to inform Song Xiaofeng, and under Song Xiaofeng’s sign, deliberately helped him perform the show, and finally got rid of Song Qinglian’s entanglement.

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