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To Be With You 约定 Episode 28 Recap

Wang Hongmei occasionally went to the small park to sing and made a lot of face in front of the old sisters. During the weekend, the family gathered for dinner. Ji Ping took the opportunity to shoot Wang Hongmei’s flattery, but even his son saw it. Ji Ping’an was worried that Wang Hongmei was still thinking about the old house, so he and Lin Yueran cooperated with each other, and the two sang and got together, persuading Wang Hongmei to rent out the house. Wang Hongmei was worried that the silly son-in-law would take the house to do good deeds. The couple laughed a little guilty. Lin Yueran assured that the house was rented to her colleague.

The director of the advertising department once again invited Liu Yang to run business with him. Liu Yang said that he didn’t want to drink and just wanted to learn some real skills in the company, but the director believed that he could only be able to owe orders by relying on his personal ability.

Duo Duo, the owner of the coffee shop, called Liu Yang to meet, and then apologized to him, claiming that the money stolen had been investigated, so he hoped that Liu Yang could come back to work at any time. However, Liu Yang hesitated in the face of Duoduo’s invitation. After all, he didn’t want to let down Ji Ping’an’s trust, but also hoped that he could make achievements in the advertising company and have better development.

In the next few days, Wang Hongmei would often make Chinese medicine for Lin Yueran to replenish his body. Seeing his wife’s frown, Ji Ping’an specially bought her favorite spicy lotus root slices and other foods. As a result, Lin Yueran hadn’t eaten two mouthfuls, but Wang Hongmei suddenly appeared. In the end, the lotus root slices didn’t enter Lin Yueran’s mouth, but Wang Hongmei was enthusiastic about it.

Luo Xing Supervision Department’s maxillofacial malignant tumor, because he needs to recuperate after the operation, Deputy Dean Xia transferred Ji Pingan back to the research team and continued to be responsible for the Shenjiang Science and Technology Park project. Ji Ping’an went to the hospital to visit Luo Xing personally. In addition to patiently comforting him, he reminded him by the way that he should consider lifelong events as soon as possible.

Since going to the hospital, Ji Ping’an feels uncomfortable. He has a deep relationship with Luo Xing, so he feels that he is lonely and very pitiful now. He can’t help feeling that he feels single and free when he is young, but he realizes the importance of family only when he is old. Sex. Since Ji Pingan has discussed with his senior brother Luo Xing to celebrate the 70th birthday for the teacher, he specially held a banquet and invited teachers and students from home and abroad in advance.

However, on the day of the banquet, Professor Xu hadn’t seen Luo Xing for a long time, so he couldn’t help asking questions on the spot. No matter how Ji Ping’an explained, he still couldn’t hear anything and insisted that he call Luo Xing. Because Professor Xu’s memory was still more than ten years ago, the birthday party was called the graduation ceremony. Professor Xu believed that Luo Xing was still a student and should attend the ceremony.

Just as Ji Ping An didn’t know what to do, fortunately, Luo Xing came in time with a mask and performed a show for Professor Xu. Professor Xu came to the stage to give a speech, instructing everyone, as a planner, not only to plan a city, but also to plan their own lives, not to delay the long-term benefits for the immediate benefits.

After the birthday banquet was over, Luo Xing and Ji Ping’an had a separate chat. Through this incident, the relationship between the two people became more relaxed than before. Luo Xing was very pleased to learn that Ji Ping’an had taken over the science and technology park project again. He thought that Ji Ping’an was too idealistic, but now it seems that being romantic is not a bad thing.

The design institute is approaching the project bidding date. Vice President Xia has high hopes for Ji Ping’an. Through his own efforts, Ji Ping’an also promised to complete the task before the bidding meeting. At the same time, Liu Yang tried to write an advertising plan, but the director complained that he was worthless, thus proving that he was not suitable for advertising companies.

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