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To Be With You 约定 Episode 27 Recap

Considering that Liu Yang is inconvenient to go to get off work and always lives in a friend’s Internet cafe, Ji Pingan discussed with his wife Lin Yueran to rent him a room. It happened that Wang Hongmei, mother-in-law, came to take care of her daughter, so her house was vacant, and it happened that Liu Yang could move in first.

After getting permission from Lin Yueran, Ji Pingan took Liu Yang to Wang Hongmei’s house, arranged a room for him to sleep in, introduced the surrounding environment, and reminded him how to deal with neighbors’ inquiries. If anyone is curious about his identity, he can simply say that he is a relative of Ji Pingan. Just fine.

After investigation, the research institute finally confirmed that the anonymous report letter was purely fictitious. Therefore, after the discussion, the leader entrusted Vice President Xia to notify Ji Ping An to resume his original position and continue to preside over the project of Shenjiang Science and Technology Park. Considering that his senior brother Luo Xing was in charge of this project, and that he was not very satisfied with the current results, Ji Ping’an declined the invitation of Deputy Dean Xia to handle other projects.

At the same time, Lin Yueran followed the cellist Ma Shanshan for a long time. He was waiting for an in-depth interview at the end of the month. However, Director Yao suddenly proposed a substitution, claiming that the interview series should not be targeted at social elites. Since Lin Yueran is pregnant, she doesn’t need to go to work in the company, and can work at home while raising a baby. However, Lin Yueran stayed at home even more depressed. Not only was Wang Hongmei forced to take various supplements, but even Ji Guoguo made her lose her temper, so she played on her mobile phone whenever she took the time.

After spending the entire afternoon, Ji Guoguo finally completed a composition smoothly according to Lin Yueran’s request. Lin Yueran was in a bad mood at first, but when she saw Ji Guoguo’s composition, she was immediately furious. If she changed to the usual, Lin Yueran was pregnant and her temperament was far better than before.

Wang Hongmei stayed at home to take care of her daughter. She heard Lin Yueran’s reprimand in the kitchen, and ran out hurriedly, opened the composition, and found out why. Ji Guoguo described Lin Yueran as a moody mother in his composition, which truly reflected his inner thoughts. Wang Hongmei didn’t take it seriously, and felt that her grandson’s good use of idioms deserves praise.

Under Ji Ping’an’s arrangement, Liu Yang took the initiative to go to work in the advertising department. He had nothing to do every day except for running errands. When he saw that his colleagues were drawing and designing, he became interested, so he asked the director to learn about advertising design. As a result, the drawings he drew were like pupils’ graffiti.

The director of the advertising department asked Li Yang to come to the company for Lin Yueran’s sake, so it’s useless to be interested. If you want to design, you need a solid background in painting, which can only be mastered by training in a formal university. Liu Yang couldn’t get reused, he was still doing simple chores, feeling a little lost, until one day the director was going to the wine bureau, and Xiao Chen who happened to be in charge of accompany him to socialize was not there, so Liu Yang was taken.

At the wine table, Liu Yang drank two large glasses of liquor in a row under the pressure of the customer Mr. Niu Zonghe. Although he succeeded in drawing orders for the next quarter, he was drunk and slept until the next day. noon. Liu Yang, who was late for work, unexpectedly received a compliment from the director. Because of his excellent performance last night, he received a business commission directly. Looking at the thousand dollars in the kraft paper bag, Liu Yang couldn’t be happy, as if something was getting farther and farther away from him.

Because of Guoguo’s education problems, Lin Yueran and Wang Hongmei had a dispute, and Wang Hongmei was angry that she wanted to go back to live with her. Ji Ping’an was worried that Liu Yang was living in his mother-in-law’s house, so he arrived in time, and was shocked to coax Wang Hongmei back. After finally solving the troubles at home, Ji Ping’an went to prepare a 70-year-old birthday banquet for Professor Xu. The specific plan will be discussed with Luo Xing. As for whether Professor Xu’s son Xu Mian will be there, it depends on how the teacher’s mother contacts him. .

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